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My first salvia trip

Ohhh man...

Salvia... oh man lol that shit is a trip... the first time I did it was abosolutely recockulous.

Me and a few friends were chillin and decided to buy some salvia to try that shit, go back to a homies pad to light up...I think I went second maybe first even.. been like 5 years.. damn now I feel old. Load up a full bowl out of a two footer heavy with a lil nug at the bottom too plug the hole pretty much. Milk Snap and hold and away we go!

I don't really know the order of most of these first 3 events... but I'll start with what I think was first.

(I'm sittin on my homies waterbed in his room people to either side .. tv and tv stand armou thing infront of me)

One of the many we'll call 'scenes' in my first salvia trip.

So I start to sink into the waterbed and I thought and felt like I was wrapped up in it I guess? .. To me I was trapped and had to get out, kinda a feeling of need... In my mind I felt like I had to untwirl layers of sheets or something whatever it was by the corners? Weird I know.. I imagine I probably laid back and flailed around a little bit. So got over that trip and on we go.

So... this is what I imagine happened next.

I thought I was trapped in a book? Aka my homies room... and the pages started to close? Well shit I don't want to be flattened by a fuckin page fuck that! So I put my foot up where the tv is on his armour and my hands on a shelf and top and start and try to climb that shit lol... to no avail my friends stopped me haha.

So next I think they go me to just sit on the floor.. and next thing I know... I'm being shot straight up... roof had no effect on me going right past it... up n up n up birds eye view could see the whole city.. out of body experience.. but it went quickly enough that I shot past the Ozone Layer... or rather in my mind.. the fabric/layer of human existence/reality/border into the mechanics of the world. My friends were talking I have no idea about what really, but to me... 'someone' had taken them over.. like time stopped... and they became 'someone' or the maintainence/ workers of the 'world' or 'reality.' They were tellin me, 'Oh don't worry this happens all the time.' Thats what I got out of it atleast... somewhere inbetween when I crossed the 'ozone layer' or the 'glass of reality' I left a hole lol exactly the shape I went through it. So I figure I gotta come down the same way I went up right? Right lol.. so I look down to try and line myself up with the hole I left... and all around the 'border' of me were what I think of as little 1cm sized cars all around the border and im trying to line myself up.. the borders or cars were like guiding me to get in place... hard to imagine I know I could explain better in person I think.

So after that I was standing idk and my homie was walkin in or back in from somewhere or something.. but I tried handing him my phone or something than shut the door on him lol... I think that door shut snapped somethin off in my brain... I like felt a bunch of doors shutting in concession.. again all around my body... this time in my head I saw it.. like a teachers anatomy chart but all black.. and doors all around it.. shutting consecutively.. everything was like doors at that moment.. Idk but I thought somethin bad was gonna happen when that last door that I thought was the top dead center of my head/brain. I end up down the hall and open my friends door and opening it and in my head i dived out onto the lawn but I think I just closed it. idk the door thing was crazy I can't even explain lol.

Either inbetween before or after that I ended up on his couch in the living room.

Than I heard somewhere "everybody has to do it." I imagine again they were just talkin about the salvia, but idk that translated to me, that I was in a like ride or event/carnival house/ theme park thing/ and that everybody had to do this one thing that nobody was aware of when they went through it, some kind of trickery... and Idk I thought it was bad I suppose so kinda feared this coming up.. this is kinda the last thing I remember besides goin outside.

All I can say is that was the craziest trip I've ever had. Told myself I'd never do it again... ended up doin it a few more times over the years.. One day shortly after the previously described trip, we ended up goin back like 3-5 times in one day to get it.. just to watch people do it pretty much lol. Got like 15 people to try it that day.. one kid himself (my friends like 13 or 14 year old like tweaker next door neighbor weird kid) did it like 11 times that day. He fuckin loved it...

Alot of people just sit there and can't stop laughing... the sinking into stuff is very common feeling. My friend thought everything turned medeivel .. suits of armor on the walls and flags/banners etc etc... people in videogames doin like robot on their knees while napoleon dynamite is on.. people seem to have a hard time communicating it seems, not always the case though.

Advice for first timers, would be just remember that your on a substance and everything will be normal soon... don't do what I did and kinda forget, and try to understand why your tripping and question everything, that just made me trip harder and get lost in it. Just go with the flow.. I was told its supposed to be done by yourself as a spiritual trip (fewer than more people I reccomended for the first time atleast, but thats just what id say if your not sure about it).


Whew that was some typin ;p anyone who got through that.. you have the patience of a crazy monk. Enjoy my load of useless information, may it rott your brain so.

Woop Woop

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