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Long board cruise

half eith of some great caps

What up all,
I don't like to go balls deep when tripping, I have with acid and its a little to intense
So i eat this half eith(tripped a good amount of times) and was expecting like a level one or two
It consisted of one UGLY shroom, I knew it was gonna be a good trip.
So i eat it at like 1:00 in the afternoon, and start smoking outta my friends LUX.
All the sudden it starts kicking in, that Europhoric feeling.
I decide to get away from my freinds and go exploring in his garden.
Shit starts getting really cool(lots of morphing, warping, and bending)
I decide to go for a longboard route(great, gradually sloped neighboorhood)
I begin to hit my peak as I'm riding, the scenery is morphing really intensely now and trees just melts by me as I cruise(pretty fast at this point)
I head back to the house I was at, and want a ciggeratte, so my friend says there in his room.
His house is trippy(wall papers,floors, layout,)
 Everyroom is a different color.
I'm laughing at everything I see
Then His jack russel comes out of no where, so interested in me, he knew I was on drugs
I'm looking for the stairs to go up, and then i realize I'm staring at them, they just kind of fell out of the celling like a tounge, moving very strange like.
I hesitated to go up, but knew i had to.
Made it to his room, cigs were right were he said,  grabed them and proceeded back outside,
I had the best tripp, level three is perfect, nothing crazy but everything you want in a trip(for me any way)

I reread this and this story is kinda lame, I geuss you had to be there, and inside my head
 but it was the best time ever, most positive trip.

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