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Jamming Trip

wonderful experience

Myself, as well as about 5 other friends took mushrooms last night.  Although, I've had much more intense trips before, this one was my favorite so far.  The setting was perfect.  We had a nice sized room with couches, a tv, 10 or 12 guitars, 5 amplifiers, a drum set, several colored lights throughout the room, and a microphone in the middle of the room.... which we recorded the whole night with. 

Jamming out music on mushrooms is a wonderful experience.  You definitly don't trip as hard when playing music, but your mind expands musically on mushrooms, and you find yourself producing sounds that you never knew you could make. 

We jammed hard for hours.  I think we took the mushrooms at about 9pm, picked up our instruments, and jammed until about 4am.  The music combined with the trip was overwhelming.  At the peak of my trip I saw my drummers' head leave his body, and levitate above him.  It was quite hilarious, but also symbolic of the intensity of the night.

I would definitly recommend playing music on shrooms.

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