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trippin in the cold

I was at my friend joel's house with my friend Kyle as well.

I was at my friend joel's house with my friend Kyle as well.I had two grams of shrooms and ate them at about 10:00. This was my second time tripping. There was another friend Jeff who would later be arriving, becasue he was trying to get some mush for him, Joel and Kyle. Anyways, soon after I consumed the drugs, we went outside to snowskate this rail we had set up. I wasnt feeling anything an hour later, and worried that the shrooms wouldnt kick in. Finally Jeff arrived at about 11:30, and we found out he couldnt get shrooms for the other boys. Anyways, I still wasn't feeling anything so I decided to smoke some weed. I backed myself a nice big bowl which seemed to burn forever. Soon after that I started to get my first visuals. It seemed as though a whole bunch of big smiley mouths and blinking eyes were coming at my face. This continued for about 5 minutes and then I went into this other phase where i saw large animated figures(reminded me of Street Fighter)slowly winding back their fists and then powerfully punching me in the face. It was sweet cuz it seemed like I was getting my nose smashed, but i didnt feel any pain. I also saw these crazy colouful kaliedoscopes which reminded me of a glow-in-the-dark domino rally.

I then starting seeing dark images in my head which somewhat resembled hell. I saw skinny dark figures swaying their arms in pits of fire and other crazy stuff like that. I wasn't scared cuz i knew i was just trippin, but i still wanted to focus on something more positive(during this time everyone else was snowskating, smoking weed and drinking)I started to focus on each of my friends and I perceived them all diffrently. The whole night I imagined Kyle as a show-off jock, I think this was because of the way he walked. I imagined jeff as this drug no it all guy who kept me on track while I was tripping. I didnt really imagine joel as anything specific, just the guy whos house we were at.

After having some strange conversations with my comrades, for some reason i told jeff that I thought I was gonna "puke." As soon as I said that word my stomach started to hurt like hell and everything I saw was gooey, faded and puke like. I began to gag, but nothing would come up. Jeff told me to think of something else and it would go away. I finally spit up this big wad of thick liquid and that was over with.

After this I saw really intense colour patterns, and just felt like lying down. So I layed down on the the snow, unsure of what I was thinking. For some reason every movement and sound annoyed me, and I told all my friends to shut up, and "quit doin that" and to just leave me alone. This is when we decided to go inside. Once we got inside i didnt focus on anything in the house, cuz joel's dad is an artist and he has some really crazy shit in his house.I was pretty scared at that moment and didnt want to trip out hardcore. I got down to joels room where i realized my jeans were fuckin soaking. Joels a good guy and let me wear some of his trackpants. I was still scared and just layed on the cot trying not to look at anything. We put the Grinch on with Jim Carrey. At first I was scared of the Grinch, but then was in complete ahh of how good Jim Carrey played the role.(Just all the extra stuff he added like hand monement and facial expressions. At this time it was about 2:00 and the boys wanted to go outside again, I didnt feel like getting cold again so I stayed in and watched the rest of the Grinch and listened to my minidisc player.

They came in about an hour later, and I was glad cuz i felt like talking to them about all of the ideaologies I had developed while they were gone. I felt that I had the whole world figured out as well as the lives of all my family memebers. Kyle and Joel didnt really understand because they hadnt tripped to this level before, but jeff knew exactly what I was talking about. We talked some more, and I could feel the mush slowly wearing off, we ended that night my watching Alice in Wonderland, and we finally fell asleep at about 5:30. SOme parts of this night were scary, but overall I had the time of my life.

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