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My Dealer Fucked My GF!

Dealer Fucked My GF!

OK so im back this is my Trip it started after i started to hit me hardest after i found out my whore of a Gf was fucking everyone..So as i walked home i started to noticed the world around me starting to change from cloudy and Gloomy to hellish and Terrifying
something right out of Constantine, all of a sudden i heard a cop siren:shocked: I knew i had to get home so i Ran as Fast as i could but suddenly i stopped, i saw what looked to be a dog, it was more of  a Hell Hound looked at me with Glowing Red Eyes, As the creature looked at me i began to back away and come from witch i came, i turn around and it was gone...i was like yea that's right you better run :box:! so i continue on the way to my house, i started to hear children laughing so i ran even faster then before i was like FUCK That(Bad shit always happens when you hear kids laughing at 12night) so as i was running i passed
 this Girl who screamed as i looked at her she looked so fucked up! i wanted to help her but i knew it wasn't real and i had to make it home!:alert:
I mange to make it into my house when i heard a loud Bang i looked twords the living room and i saw this thing walking in a circle around the coffee table] im like, ok then dot dot dot...just keep walking. As soon as i make it to my room i fall on my bed thinking about what just happen with my ex and i started Bawling.
so i packed my Bong and ripped it., then i turned down the lights till i could barely see and put on some Crazy Shit On of the Monraters sent me and fucking all Hell Broke Loose[image]http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z205/elfeo158900/mg.gif[/image] The walls Started to Tear Apart Everything looked exactly like this ("youll have to check out my Threa") Yes with the Guy to...I layed down and pulled the sheets over my face, i tapped my heels 3times hoping i would be home again. but nope! This is what i saw coming from the door.
i started to Scream and ran out of what now looked to be hell and into (well you know when you get out of a bad situation and into a worse one well that was one of those times) anyways it got crazier from their read the Post to get filled in.


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