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The Meadow of heaven


Ok so me and a bunch of my friends, picked ourselves a shit load of muhsrooms,
i dont exactly remember how many, but anyway, we returned to one of our friends houses and boiled them up
(because we dont like cyanide poisoning)
then after about 2 hours of them boiling there, we strained them out and all took a large portion of this disgusting mushroom juice that we had made

we flooded the juice with brown sugar honey and tea bags, but it stil managed to make us feel like being sick.

quarter of an hour later we found ourselves walking down a long road,
a road that felt as though i wernt making any progress on.
i saw to the end of the road and it would give me the expression that all i would have to do was say about ten strides
but each step i took
the road seem to grow, get wider,
and it would end up taking me maybe 50 strides

at this point everythihng was mega colourfull, everything glowing and swaying with the same patterns of my emotions/thoughts/feelings
i know this dosnt sound like it makes sense
but at the time, it made perfect sense

like the patterns and colours all had something relative to types of thoughts, sounds and feelings and emotions i was experiencing.
sometimes it would seem however, that the ways by which these feelings were relative, were so abstract and incredibly creative,
taking the forms of shapes patterns colours and a thousand different routes and things to get themselves to what i thought it was related to.

a trail of thoughts, that one would never have dreamed of sober.

after a little while of walking down this road.
we all saw a hill off to the right
and the sun was glowing on it, as if it was this magical entrance/route to another world.
we all ran as fast we could up this hill.
at the top we turned around,
and saw one of the most amazing things iv ever seen in my life.
at the bottom was the rounded road,
and then the rounded trees above it
and then the sun was flowing through them, like some mystical and magical.
and we all just started at this sight for what seemed a life time, before one of my friends said
onto the next level!

everytime thoughout the entire afternoon,
everything made so much sense
everybodys behaviour made perfect sense, i understood exactly why they were acting the way they were acting,
annd why they were saying the things they were saying,
i had there behavioural structures down better than i know the back of my hand.
which at the time, was quite large and pulsating as if it was beating like a heart,.

as we turned around and looked over at the other side of this hill we had climbed.
i was gobsmacked

we began to shuffle down the hill.
i remember looking to the left and seeing a trail through these vines back up somewhere else.
this was instantly related to me questioning wether or not to take a shortcut on a game called speed freaks when i was kid
but it related itself to it with the most creative style its unexplainable
visiting so many thoughts and experiences shapes and memories to find itself there.

but i chose to go onwards and follow my friends down this hill into the valley
i ran down without thinking as quick as i could,
and as i ran all i saw was a blur, a blur of colours
but when i slowed down and stopped
and examined my surroundings
i almost died with shockkk

this wasnt just your ordinary field
this was the greenest grass in the world and there was nothing but these big mountains around us
seperating us from society
it felt as though i had been through the hardest part of a video game, been to the extra level, aced that and now i was in this surreal unkown world of insane depthness
insane insane insane depthness

i was in a differnt world
a different universe
a different time

i sat down on the grass and examined my surroundings once again,
i felt pure blissfull-ness
this was it
this was heaven
this was the answer to all the questions in the world.
my vision began to fade awya on me and i began to drown, drown into this completely different world and go to the deepest depth of it.
i didnt care about anything
or anyone
i just wanted to stay here. for the rest of my life.
but what is the universe
and what is time
what is the point in everything
the only point in anything is this
this right how
right this second
nothing else,
theres no place other in the entire world id rather be...


then it began to rain
and we all soaked up in this amazing rain and watched the sun.
everyone was all constantly trying to explain to everybody else how amazingly incredible there trip was

then we ran for this shack
and then ended up trecking a little more through these bushed and forest for what seemed like an age
and when we saw a road.

i felt like;
oh my god, no way, holy fuck, roads DO exist?
i thought they had just been a seperate strange figment of my imagination
i had forgetton about anything and everything from my ordinary life.
coming back to reality was painfull
all i wanted to do was go back

a few hours later
we were lying on the beach looking up at what seemed like billions of stars
these strange objects that had heaps of differnet coloured lights on them, all flying the same direction
and we also saw a comet as big as your hand if u hold it up to ur face
fly right across the sky

it was the best afternoon of my entire life
and i dont regret it
not one single bit

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