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I'm in Wonderland...

Ok, I had been busted with my parents for smoking pot before, so when i decided to take shrooms, I was very careful.

Ok, I had been busted with my parents for smoking pot before, so when i decided to take shrooms, I was very careful. My parents were gone, and i had it all set up. My friend, who sold shrooms to about teenager in my town, had just picked shrooms the day before. He had given them to me, and I stored them over night in a drawer. The next morning, I got my shrooms out of the drawer, and started to chop them up. I had four large Psilocybe cubensis shrooms. I put about 2 of them on a peanut butter sandwich (it was nasty as hell!) and started to eat them. I ate the other 2 straight. My brother agreed to be my trip-buddy and help me calm down if I wigged out. Anyway, about 20 minutes later, I felt extremely serene and relaxed! I can best describe this coming-up period as a feeling of a mix between marijuana and codeine. Anyway, I started talking without even paying attention to what I was saying, and things just came out... my brother said I kept saying stuff about mushrooms. lol. Then, stuff started getting wierd. I kinda blanked out for a few minutes, and my memory seemed to be erased. The next thing I know, I'm standing in my kitchen looking at my brother, who is telling me to call my momback, because she just called and my brother tried to cover for me by saying I was taking a shit. I started to panic because I didnt want to talk to her while I was fucked up. But I rehearsed it with my brother, like he pretended to be mom, and I tried to talk as straight as possible. I finally called her and she just told me to wash the dishes. whew! so now I could relax. I went and watched MTV with my brother. I looked over at the lamps, and they turned into mushrooms!!! I couldnt believe it. The shades on them turned into the caps, and the long parts of them turned into the stalks. Then, out of nowhere, an image of a cartoon man with large ears and a large nose, who was holding a bouquet (sp?) of flowers, just appeared out of nowhere, but then disappeared after about 1 second. I told my brother, and he didnt seem to care. He was more interested in the TV. Then everything started warping in and out, like a curved mirror moving around. I went to the bathroom to take a piss and then looked at myself in the mirror. My face morphed into a reptile-like face... kind of like a lizard. I had a circle of stars surrounding my head. I backed up against the wall and I felt like I was flying backwards through it! I would also have these spontaneous bizzare feelings of wonder... wierd. So I went to look on my computer for shroom-related things. I went to erowid.org and looked up mushroom effects. and as i read the effects, i checked off every single thing it described, because I was feeling them all. Then all around my computer, there were little stars... like, tiny lights. Then I went outside to do my chores, and I saw a flower seeming to "look" at me.... I then went and shook its hand (a leaf) and walked on. Then I washed the dishes, which was very boring. After that, me and my brother threw a football in our yard. I looked up at the sky and noticed that nature was sooooo beautiful! By now, the main visuals (which, by the way, were very very intense and real-looking!) were gone, but I still felt very stoned, as if very fucked up on cannabis or a very light dose of acid. All colors were intensified times a hundred! And everything looked beautiful and brilliant. However, my mom came home from work after this. I was scared shitless. I tried to act straight, but it was very hard. I knew that I was probably acting nervous. But I just went into my room and waited for it to wear off. Actually, the whole rest of the day I still felt slightly different. But by the next morning, everything was normal again. It was a great experience, and I recommend shrooms highly!! Peace out...

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