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first trip

dont eat at partys if your unprepared for shrooms

ok so i went to this party with some mates the other day right and everything seemed normal so they has his massive plate of mushrooms and at the time i thaught they were like shitake or something so i asked my mate"man these things look fucked up like shrooms or something" he told me to shut the fuck up and try them...they tasted absolutely shit but we started to see who could eat more after awhile everyone was gasping like we were eating human shit or something i said to some random"dude whats wrong they are only muchrooms" and he said to me"dude i know but u would have eaten like 35 wet grams then dude your gonna be so fucked up"then i realised why they looked all strange so started to shit myself so i decided to take control of the music and changed it to jimi hendrix and tried to settle down telling myself it wasnt gunna happen after about half an hour i decided they werent shrooms so i told my mate(one of the ones who hadnt eaten the shrooms just incase me and my freind were tripping and we werent aware of it)to drive me home.20 minutes later i felt rather sick so i had a panadol and decided to watch alice in wonderland(it was the first thing i found in my freinds dvd holder)then i ordered pizza and when the guy arrived he had the strangest voice i had ever heard i thrw about$50 at him closed the door and opened the pizza box as soon as i did that i heard screams my freind came downstairs from the shower and he was obviosley tripping as he was swatting at the air like fly's were around his head then he told me to pass him some pizza and i  remember screaming no its alive you fucking animal the salami was telling me its life story i was so very interested in this little salami that i recorded it speaking on my phone(which when i was sober i watched because it was a 1 hour long video of me talking to a pizza)then my freind walked into the room(i dont know where from)and said lets make a dog     so we went outside and gathered materials for a dog which after we mixed turpentine vodka and dirt in a bucket turned into a black labrador then for the rest of the trip me and my freind played fetch with the dog and threw the stars which had astounding patterns on them during the whole thing i felt distant from this planet and this dimension i felt lighter than air i was in the eleventh dimension...all in all not a bad trip


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