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2nd time very decent trip


Well it all started on a friday arvo, when my friend said his mum was going out that night. so me and 3 friends decided to go to the local shroom fields, after about half hour we had collected around 30-40 shrooms all mainly blue meanies and a couple gold tops. we waited till around six to head over to my mates were we started to boil them all up. Boiling till simmering then made sure we got all the psychoactive blueness outta them around 25 min, and poured the blue juice into 4 cups were we all started drinkin. The water was still boiling hot but we couldn’t help ourselves and started drinking, to help cool it down we put some ice cubes in it and some honey. After finishing my cup in bout 10 min I already started feelin a bit weird. My mate and another headed to the shops to get ciggies while I waited with my other mate who hadn’t had anything yet. I new I was in for a big night and decided to go lay down on the couch for awhile.
I went from one lounge room and felt awkward so I moved to his rumpus room were he had a brown freaky looking couch. One were u would see on a movie what looks freaky like outta a scary movie, after laying down my friend come in and asked if I were alright, replying saying I felt a bit tired he gave me a blanket and I rugged up feeling comfortable. After 10 minutes of laying down I looked at the couch were I was laying against, to look to my horror I found the way the stitching was started going in patterns and then started morphing into witch faces with long noses and rank hair and also Egyptian faces they were kinda breathing then started melting down the couch. The faces were stretching and there chins and noses were getting longer, along with the faces goin down the couch started melting aswell I looked down to were my blanket was and a black whole opened up were everything seemed to be melting in. my leg was melting into the whole aswell.relising I was only half an hour into my trip I imagined what was ahead of me. the whole closed up and the blanket was just waving slowly. After snapping outta the illustion I wasn’t scared it had be wikid seeing this and wondered what my mate was going through at the shops. After I went back into my mates garage were its all chilled, pool table, stereo all that… my mates got back and they had ciggies and some brew to help us get through the night. So was heaps happy about that. When I saw my mate he had told me he was trippin out hard in the car and I told him my story we just had a laugh and was waiting for the night to really start.
But than it started to turn bad, we were sitting in the room and it started raining so there was no going out, so we decided to punch a couple cones down and chill out. We all were starting to get deep in the trip at this point and we were all trying to make it a good night but not knowing what were ment to do on a normal Friday night. After a few arguments I felt there was this tenchin in the room so I was sick of sitting around and started calling up girls, thinking that’s what ur ment to do on a Friday, when one picked up it was weird I didn’t really no what to say but somehow I pulled it off and there were 2 girls on there way over. Relising what I had just done I didn’t want them coming now haha we were all trippin balls we didn’t need woman around. So than we got a call saying there was a party on and all our mates were there, after ages someone finally called the taxi and it was on its way. We jumped in forgetting about the girls and then the taxi driver asked where we wanted to go. We all sat silent not saying anything, know one had actully planned where we were going or who had any money. So we just started driving arguing if we should go down the front or to the party and for some reason everyone was asking me like it was upto me, I said the front then said na lets go to the party which was a lot further but oh well. This taxi ride turned incredible.. We had to go up this mountain and down the other side. On the way up I was looking at everyone we were all drinking the radio was goin and I saw everyone having so much fun. Then I had relised im acutly friends with these people and im on my way to go to a party with them. Being aloud to hang with them and talk to them felt so good.

so than the ride started getting intence it started pouring down again and we started driving heaps fast down this hill, my mate started yelling saying were under the water in a shuttle car, we all started laughing and jumping around dancing in the taxi n shit. I thought we were on a rally cart going down this hill it felt so bumpy and unstable but was so fun cause apple bottom jeans was playing when it first came out and we were all sharing a sack of goon around haha. I stood up in the taxi and it felt like I was surfing it down the hill. Neways after getting closer to the party it started hammering down with rain, I new were the house was but the rain was so dense it was hard to see and we acutly wernt aloud in we were goin to gate crash. We ended up driving straight by it and deeper into this estate outta town. The taxi meter was getting big so we decided to stop and think what we were doing.

Like earlier on the taxi guy asked what we wanted to do and of course no one said anything, some how we argued and decided to turn around back home lol. I kept feeling tenchin from this one guy and was putting others down and it was putting me in a bad trip, after we got about half way home I kinda felt glad we were on our way back. I don’t think we coudlve handled the party and I got told there was a gang waiting for us to get there were they had bashed others we new. Pulling up to the drive way I saw a girl walking up to our house aswell. We had forgot about the girls haha. The taxi ride ended up being 80$ but I was happy to throw in, it would’ve been the best taxi ride ive had, kinda like paying for a amusement ride at a carnival. I jumped out and started talking to her asking were her other friend was? She had been caught drinking and was taking by police.
We all went out the back and most of them walked in and started chopping again, I was with one mate and the girl I couldn’t handle talking to her so I bailed and left my mate there who was bad tripping to the shit haha. After smashing a few down we were feeling real good again we were listening to music and playing pool my mate had his video camera out what was heaps pissing me and everyone off but was good that he had it actually. Then I realised we had everything we wanted just at the house we started with.. His parents were out, we had lots of mull and with all good mates on shrooms. Umm kinda hard to remember what happened for a bit but after awhile we were chopping again and the radio was playing.

Rock lobster by the B52’s come on and it sounded like it was repeating for 2 hours if you have ever heard this song you will no how intence this would’ve been, the bowl was empty and no one was talking, I looked over to my mate and his face was bright red, he was staring looking like he was going to explode. I started laughing my head off at him and he didn’t no what about, then he started yelling saying turn the fucking radio station but I didn’t want to I was tripping out on the song cause everyone looked like they were going insanse. After 30 more seconds I couldn’t handle it myself and it got changed…

my other mate had his head in his hands like half the night and barely talked, couldn’t cope with them or something, he ended up getting a pool que, and started smashing the shit out of my mates $500 remote control monster truck for no apparent reason? The pool que snapped and he used the heavy end and went at it hard for like 10 minutes, by the time he had finished it was literally in little tiny pieces we were cacking ourselves laughing at him while doing it I saw the girl I invited over, walk outta the room but I didn’t care. That was the last I saw of her that night… later on some guys come over to get some brew off us, one of the guys we were with was selling it to them but couldn’t work out what prices he had on the sticks. After a huge talk about like 3 sticks he finally sold them it was like such a big thing everyone had a word and yelling over each other lol.

Towards the end of the night my mate busted out a movie called zeitgeist I dono if it was a good idear watching this movie on shrooms, it went on about how all religion was fake and we were fully into it, after watching this movie I had a completely different view on life and religion to this day still I belive the movie I understood it so well and believe we are lucky to be here alive and because of the shroom trip and movie i live a better life.

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