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first time trippin

i never tryed anything other then weed but wanted to try salvia. i had the house to myself and my bro gave me my orange bong back so i decided to lite up. it was only an hour after waking up but whatever. so i packed the slide with some salvia and lite up. i breathed in all the smoke and held it in, dam it tasted bad, i might not have held it in for long enough but when i breathed out i fell back in my chair and closed my eyes. i was expecting some closed eye visuals but didnt get any. i opened my eyes and tryed to sit up but couldnt. my head was so heavy. so i sat back down and closed my eyes. i felt like i was in a disney cartoon like outside my body. then i relized my arms were talking to me. i couldnt understand them but it was very soothing. when they got quiet i opened my eyes and looked around my room. my bong was sitting on  my desk looking at me very menacingly (prolly cuz i havent seen it in so long).  i looked at my drawer and they were moving like they were in a kalidoscope. then i sat back down and it was over. i was very hott and tired. i laid down on the couch for about an hour. and i was back to normal. another hour latter i tried to find it and do it again but i lost it somewhere in my room. gunna try and find it. peace

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