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One night I will never forget

Ok so a couple weeks ago my friends wanted to roll at my house and I was ok with it but i was not planning on rolling. I was with L, D, S, J, I, and L2. So my friends were talking about it the whole day and eventually convinced me to roll. My friend S brought some crazy finger lights so i knew it would be a great time. This would have been my fourth time rolling and definatley my best.
So the Night starts out we me, S, D, L, L2 ( Me, S, and D chew it) then after about 20-30 minutes me, S, and D decide to take another. So we are all talking and then one of us starts to feel(L2) and she starts rubbing my leg and my friends haha, so at this point i start to put on the music. Then we all start to smile at eachother as we know that we are about to roll. We turn the lights off and the light shows start which were sooo amazing. Then the one of the Girls L2 starting hugging us but i didnt have any intention of hooking up with her. We have the lights going and everyone is feeling the music and then i walk over to her and she says that she wants to kiss me. I didnt really care so i just went in and damnnn she was good.  Soon after that i started to have a bad trip but eventually after 30 minutes i pulled myself out. After that i went back to light shows but then i relized hmmm i want more so i went back for more.
Then at one point i started to peak, i think this was about the time of the second pill kicking in.
Peak: I walk over to the computer and all the sudden Dj Tiesto's ayla comes on and it sounded so freaking amazing i cannot even explain. Then the next song which at one point in the chorus made me so happy it was the most amazing thing i have ever experienced. I just listened to it and smiled and my brain took me away, I experienced the most amazing happyness. Then i went back to the girl and we started hooking up like crazy. It was so wierd i would talk to her but then 3 seconds later i would forget what i was saying or what she was saying. At one point i was taking her downstairs to have sex with her(which i dont remmember) but the sober man took me away and i forgot what i was orignaly doing.
Then after that at one point i went back to kissing her but when i looked up started hallucinating it was so wierd. My field of vision had a bunch of black dots in it its hard to explain. Then i look over on the computer and scream " Hey! who the hell is on the computer" Cause i saw someone on the computer but no one was there, it was so wierd. Also my friend hung up a light stick that captivated my attention for the longest time, it was so amazing! Later that night i hallucinated a radio being right infront of me.
Eventually everyone went to bed but was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The hang over was about 2 weeks no depression but i could not be happy =/

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