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I had not done shrooms for awhile and was missing them sorely.

I had not done shrooms for awhile and was missing them sorely. My last and first trip had been mind blowing and I couldn't wait to do them again.

Now, in Canada, it has been awfully hard to find shrooms. I don't know if it just here or what, but when I found some I jumped at the chance. So my boyfriend and I purchased a generous half quarter dry and decided to do them over reading week.

So reading week arrives and we both take about 1.7 grams. We put in a movie to make the time go by faster. Soon I forget I'd even taken the shrooms until the horse in the movie starts to look a little dotty and cartoonish.

I have a hard time concentrating on the movie and I begin to look around at other fun stuff in the room. The ceiling is doing the cool breathing thing at this point. Some of the pictures are beginning to look red tinged and are bleeding together.

After all this I notice the movie is over and we move it into my room. I don't know how I got there. Your guess is as good as mine.

My poor boyfriend has only midly reacted to the shrooms so he becomes my babysitter. He leaves me alone in my room to go to the washroom and in strolls my dog.

He is staring at me.

This freaks me out.

By the time my bf comes back I've decided the dog is evil "and has got to go".

Now at least I've got my bf to keep me entertained. I've got a snake so I have a red heat lamp and the room is a weird red tinged colour. My bf's hair looks strange and red. I begin to notice his ears are a weird elf like shape too. And his face has these weird marks over his eyes like someone took a crayon and drew red squiggles on him.

He is an elf! An elf!!

Imagine my delight....A real elf in my room.

He thinks this is hilarious. I keep hugging him in total awe of him being a real live elf. I pull at his ears and hair. Apparently I bit him too. Ouch.

I ask him a lot of questions like how long can he stay and would it be possible if I purchase him and how much would it be ($1000, btw).

I think I remember picking him up at the grocery store (the last place I had been with him sober). I ask if he could possibly drive me there so I could get some more elves.

I think I got him in the frozen pea section. I'll pay anything for more elves.

My room has now become some weird kingdom of sorts. Outside is now evil as my brother and my dog is out there. I talk to my fish a lot. I decide the snake is my sister or something to that effect.

All this time the room is doing some crazy weird stuff. The walls are bubbling and spinning and doing neat things. The lines in the floor are vibrating and "buzzing".

Eventually I just end up talking for about an hour telling him how he is such a wonderful elf and stuff like that
until he falls asleep (at five in the morning) and I continue to talk to my fish until I fall asleep too.

Now as you know, it is really hard to tell someone have damn amazing a trip really is. But this was amazing. I'm hoping next time I do shrooms I get to go back to that weird kingdom again ;)

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