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First Salvia Trip

worth a try

It was a friday night. Some friends and I planned on meeting at a restaurant, but when we got there we realized we didn't have enough money and the place didn't look too inviting anyway. We were a short walk from an adult store and had talked about doing Salvia before, so decided we may as well buy some. The stuff in the store came in varying potencies; we bought the second highest. Then we headed back to a friend's place to pick up a bong. By this time it was dark and we walked around my friend's neighbourhood trying to find a suitable place. We walked down a dead-end street which was completely still and sat down on the pavement. I had the first hit. My friends and I had joked about me taking a hit and finding myself in Middle Earth. After exhaling the smoke this joke became much funnier, and I pretended to get up and start exploring. I was quite physically impaired; almost finding it hard to balance, and I was laughing uncontrollably. Laughing was a strange sensation - neither pleasant nor unpleasant - and it was very, very difficult to stop. Everything had a cartoony feel to it. I would describe the world as having a slightly 'clay' texture. Within 5 minutes it had worn off. I'd say Salvia is worth a try but can't really see the point in doing it regularly. Seems like an inferior version of marijuana.

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