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After storm fog

Well the expericence im about to share with you is from my first trip ever and was one of my most amazing experieces ever.

Well the expericence im about to share with you is from my first trip ever and was one of my most amazing experieces ever. Without a doubt I had a taste, a snipit, of the fruit of the gods It all started when a friend of my, we'll call him E-man, called me up with good news: he had found some shrooms. now all this happened about 2 years ago and during this time i had been into bud and booze for a awhile, but i didnt know much about shrooms and had this idea that i was doomed for insanity. anyway so my best bud, call him Tbird, was in aswell. so they all come over to my house to chill out for awhile. I see the bag Eman got and its about 1/4, so we split it up into 3 piles and start munchin away at the little things at around 10:00 p.m. I had purposely not had anything to eat since lunch so i would get the most out of my dose. Eman had triped before, Tbird and I had not.

After chewing all of our piles down (these were really not that bad tasting too) we head downstairs from my room and decide to go for a nature walk (i live out in the county). well i dont think we could have picked better night to walk. it was right in the middle of spring and was a stormy night. after about 20min we came to a nearby field and sat down in grass to observe to lightning that was happening sporadically all around us. I remember seeing huge flashes of light and seeing the "echo" of the lightning in my eyes long after they vanished, which was cool. also the gray snapshot i got of my surroundings after each flash was nice. the philsophical chat had started already about drugs and life and where each of was heading in the future.

After that was walked back to my house, wishing we could smoke some bowls, but we were all out. around 1 hour after dosing Tbird and Eman head back up to my room while i talked to my little brother about something, of which i could understand very little what he was saying. i look over at a wall and it starts to breath and morph. its started. i burst up the stairs with high energy and find Tbird trying to play my guitar without success. Eman brought over a black light and out went the lights. my body was enrgetic but i felt i had to much to think about to move.

somewhere along the line we realized we still had a cap left and was calling to be consumed. There was a big paper-scissors-rock tournament that was bomb, though that little thing made no difference. the victory went to Tbird in the end. after that though i went to my mirror which Eman was looking into at the time, and i watched his face melt. Eman and Tbird decided to go out and smoke a jack or somthing, and im left alone. i look up at the huge poster i have in my room of Dave Matthews and i watch his eyes that are usually looking down at his guitar, bolt up to my eyes. all of his figure turns into twilight-zone like typhoon patterns, which also turns becomes my carpet. weird shit, and all this with Medeski Martin and Wood playing in the back round.

at around 1:00 they came back and we decided to outside and explore. the field next to my house resembles something out of the dream sequences in Gladiator, only everything is breathing and twisting about when i look. it had rained alot earlier that night and fog was everywhere. i could feel the mist all around, i could taste it with increasing acuteness. we went and sat in the road. every few seconds my vision will jump and shift back to 'normal'.

We started talking about stuff. each of us had trouble expressing all that we needed to say before we got off the origanl subject or increasly before someone interupted with their own thoughts. i was obsessed with the idea of cycles and i understood how these cycles fit into everyday from everyday life to the history of the universe. also balance was big thing, wing and yang kinda thing. you can't have crimnals without the police otherwise social balance would topple. shit like that. i even understood god for alittle while.

after about 5 HOURS.. 5 hours of sitting and talking, we finally go inside and feel the buzz fade away, but again +7 hours after dosage. we ate some cerial and chilled. i was in the best mood of life. I looked foward to the near and distant futre alike with glaring hope. with all this in mind we went and pulled out a 24 pack my dad had bought and got wasted at about 6 in the morning. ridicules. woke up the next day feeling more positive then ever, other than a slight hangover (=

sorry if this was too long, but i remember alot and had to say it. thanks Shroomery.


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