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A really...really bad choice

i shouldn't have done that

Well to start off i want to say... im still kinda stoned so dont kill me if my spelling is shot.

  its been 12 hours since i embarked on this mad rollercoaster of drug induced self relisation and  i think i came out a better man then i went in. so im gonna break it down cause alot happened into kind of a timeline thing. tell me if you like it or not.

(setting the scene)

my mom is over at a friends house for the next 6 hours my dads gone for 8 my brother is too into the computer to notice anything and i have a 1/4 of an ounce and an empty house... "im feeling a solo trip"  Quote: me 12 hours ago

(11 am)

i munched about 2.5g's walk around my house i went outside for a smoke. i sit staring at my tv screen waiting for the feeling in my stomach that would tell me the mushrooms are working. but after 45mins i descided that a bit more mush would kill me... i had time.


well after about 15mins of bad choices later i sat staring at the bag which moments ago had comtained my remaining 5g of shrooms... now it was empty and i was full of mushrooms. the mushrooms i had taken and hour before were kicking in and i was noticing the basic effects of a mushrooms trip (random thoughts, mild visual stuff and a almost frightening addiction to music). at this point i knew i was in for some kind of hell and it was gonna get alot worse before i got any better. i had a vague nagging sensation like i was forgetting somthing but i pushed it away as mushroom paranioa.


i am fucked and only getting more fucked. i look around me the whole room was vibrating and jumping with a a source of energy i couldn't see only sense. i laughed alittle to my self at how bazziare the whole situation was and then had a good long talk with my self about how guitar hero is like life.... i dont remember what my conclution was but it ended with me playing guitar hero 3 with my MP3 player going hoping the two songs would sinc-up ( Bulls on parade + becoming insane).  after proving to myself that guitar hero was made for people of drugs i staggerd off following what i thought was my dog....then shit got strange


i followed my "dog" to the end of the hallway i looked away for maby 2 seconds not even, to see if anyone was behind me but when i looked back the black dog i had followed had vanished and like an LB after 4 beers i had to sit the fuck down. my brain was being cracked open my a godly force and it felt like somone was proding the inside of my head wiith a cold metal probe poking and proding nerve endings, sensory nerves wildly firing in my brain i wasn't able to do anything but lay still and think about how bad an idea eating all the mushrooms was... things went black for what felt like years as i explored the world around me thinking a million thoughts for every single thing that popped in my head. i dont remember too many details just bursts of memory everytime i think realy hard about it. i know i thought i could move shit with my mind cus i remember makeing the house fly and that my dog was eating me cus i was dead... i wish i could write more about my peak but i was too fucked to remember too much.

(2:20 pm)

i remember this time soo clearly cus it was the first really clear thought i had had since about lunch (which i skipped to do mushrooms) from this point on i checked the clock maby every minute. the clock helped me regain some level of sanity. idk why it just did... i look down at my phone it says 8 missed alerts. after wondering for a second how i missed my phone while it was inside my pocket. O SHIT.... reality was thrown out of shift as i realized that i was suppose to be chilling with the guys and helping them through their first real mushroom trip. i quickly threw on a bandana (black with white weed leaves on it...ya im pretty cool that way) and atempted to try and get enough clothes and supplies that i would be able to leave the house.


this was the hardest time ive ever had trying to do anything. i kept forgeting what i had just got up to do or i would try doing somthing stuiped (example)->  i caught myself pouring perfectly fine milk down the sink no idea why... i realized that if i was gonna get through this i was gonna need to stay focused. so with mental power i didn't think i could muster i pulled on a pair of jeans and a slightly dirty t-shirt, found my bubbler (bong + pipe) and a small bag of weed, called my friends that were on mush (they were fucked.. not as fucked as i was but still fucked and hard to talk on the phone with) and filled my pockets with cool stuff like a shiny whistle my ipod and a paper flower i found on the table near the door just as i was leaving.


i dont know whos idea it was but some how we had agreed to meet at a park about a 15min walk (not high) from my house. this is only relevent cus i was still checking my clock ever minute or two and it took me only 10 mins of almost non-stop klido-scope orriented high walking to get there and i noticed that i am still fucked by the fact that  i had accepted that that little slice of klido-scope themed hell was reality. i was soo pumped when i saw my friends they were done tripping and just enjoying the after effects when i  got there.  they  told me all about what they had gone through. i didn't say much about what i had gone through (and was still going through). they seemed impressed that i was still alive when i told them how much i had eaten (most of them were tripping only 2-3grams) so after the whole asking everyone how they were doing thing we descided it was time to smoke some kush. we sat down an i dropped a fat pinch of pre-busted weed into my bubbler and just sat back tokeing. i busted up all the weed we had all together and we just sat back tokeing watching the world go by...... then the mushrooms came back



i was tripping hard again not laying in the hall unable to move but still tripping pretty hard. suddenly i heard a little voice it told me "you can make it through this"
 i believed it i asked inside my head "what should i do?". the voice became almost like bob marley really chill and prema-fried. it told me " its easy mun but shu the only one who cun do-et" " joost goo hoome mun. We'ell chat moore then" ( that was my atempt at writing like how the voice sounded...you all know what he sounds like just use some imagination) so anyways i gave everyone a hug then left i knew today was a solo trip and that staying with those guys would only stress my already battered brain even farther.

(4:30 pm)

the clock made me laugh because it made me think of 4/20. i was almost home and once again moving realy fast.... if anyone knows why let me in on it.  the wallk home that i remember was not helped by my music that normaly helps me out when im really high by calming me down was at that moment driving me insane i just couldn't handle all the tones and the differnet spectrums of light and feelings the music was giving me. (infected mushrooms greatest band for E not so much for shrooms i have trouble keeping up)

(5:ish pm)

after me feeling soo stuiped because i forgot that my house door was a push not a pull to open (only locked out for 5mins) i sat down upstaris and waited for somthing to happen. i played some CoD 5 but the blood and violence was depressing and kinda un-nerving its hard to explain but everytime i deaded in the game i felt like i died in real life so i stopped playing cus dying sucks ( i learned that from before in the hallway. i was eaten by my dog to re-cap). after about a dozen failed attempts to go for a shower i finally managed to get in the shower i still had my socks on but at that point i didn't give a shit...in fact i liked it better that way my socks kept my feet nice and warm :)

(6:20 pm)

i have no idea how long exactly i was in the shower but remember we ran out of hot water and thats the only reason i got out. At this point all i felt was like being pretty baked. i would say the trip was over.


i had spent all day with myself higher then i've ever been on anything. i learned alot about myself and where i want to go with my life... and the way it worked out im not going to have a chance to get higher then i was today because as of today im never doing shrooms, E or lsd ever again (im pretty into those.... dont judge) so unless i smoke 2 ounces of killer kush i dont think  ill be able to get any higher then i was today (and im too poor to buy 2 ounces). 

im gonna post some trip reports of other trips i went on and didn't write about. But that was my last trip
haha i had a good run and this was a good trip to end on so....

check my other trip i got up "Dudes im stuck in the floor...again"
and have  good night. i will, i want to crash hard

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