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Born again, First day of rest of life

The most intense experience I have had.

Well guys this is my first post, so here it goes....

           About 2 months ago i got my first look at the fabled white paper lsd that was floating around my area.
Two girls showed up and were telling my g/f that they had found some very good paper and that it was and i quote
"sprayed with liquid LSD crystals". Well, I'm no dumbass, and i know sheets are soaked, but I hardly ever get to see
Uncle Cid around here and I was dying to take a trip. So here these two girls are, they have a sheet in hand. It kind
of threw me for a loop because here they are with this sheet that has no perforation, just lines drawn on and it looks
alot like a little kid drew them because the hits are way off. Anyways, she agrees that for 20 bucks she will hook us
up with 4 hits, well i agreed. 5 a peice is not robbery around here, 10 isnt considered robbery most of the time unless
its everywhere. But enough of that, out with the 20 bux. And so i grabbed the paper, which looked an awful lot like just
plain old white construction paper and dumped one hit on sublingual. Now for a little background on my mindstate,
I had just gotten back from getting a bottle of Makers Mark, and my girl 2 bottles of wine (she's a drunk) and was not in
the best mood because of finding out our son that was in the hospital (born premature) was very sick. So here goes.

T+0:00 - Dropped 1 hit of this white construction paper cid at about 7:00 am.

T+0:30 - Not shit happening. No back tingle, tenseness,  no laughter.

T+0:45 - Getting agitated now, maybe im buzzing and impatient but I think what was really going on in my head was that
these folks just fucked me out of 20 bucks with some construction paper.  It just kept playing through my mind that those
dumb girls thought there was a guy with a spray gun full of lsd just paintin sheets. So, i called my girlfriend in the living room to take
the remaining hit with me (everybody knows your significant other has to be on the same level playing field) and we both dropped
our second hits. (Big mistake, read on.)

T+0:55 - Sitting in the bedroom now. laughing a little bit, g/f's brother came in asking how he looked cause he was about to go out
and for some reason this was hysterical to us and i think we actually scared him a little bit.

T+1:00 - everybody is gone and i suddenly realize I am coming up really hard and fast, no hard visuals, except slightly brightened colors,
and of course the hazy glow on everything that produces light.  Laugther starts to be intermittent, you know how you get when your
laughing then your serious, then your laughing and then your serious. I decided to cover myself and my girl up with this red afghan
that was sitting on the floor. (Her visual account of this trip is somewhat hazy, I will explain later) For several minutes I slowly degraded
in intelligence until i was speaking like a caveman/retard. In my head I would liken this to my brain being a G5 mac before, and now
I was an atari 2600 or an abbacus. My primal instincts kicked in feriously. I was on a mission to protect myself and my girl from our
new found anxiety.

T+1:10 - At this point I am totally made catatonic by my looping thought process, I decide that I should protect myself and my girl with
the red afghan i had, now degenerating to "the red thang". I kept on yelling out, "what chu know bout that red thang?" and going back
and forth with it, not really sure weather it was protecting us or sucking out our life. This is where the story gets hazy and honestly

T+1:25? - I awoke on the floor. It seems that I had been some sort of unconcious, and I am very confused. I realize the apartment i once knew
has become very disporportionate and if i can describe it one way would be "digital" yes, digital it is, because i felt as if i was a computer
and i had crashed and been reset, I was not exactly right because i had been reset so quickly. All at once i get scared about
my girlfriend, because if this has happened to me, what had become of her? I find her on the bed curled up, writhing in agony, like a dog
trying to lay down, but just cant find a comfortable spot. (i have a strong compassion for animals, especially some human beings) I come
to her, and I suddenly realize how limited our communication is. We both are kind of paranoid people, and we both like to think that
we can read each others thoughts through facial expressions when we are sober. Acid has since amplified this 100 times. We sit on the
bed and have this freaked out conversation about how "I love her and she loves me" but after each of said it, we felt as if the tone or something
implied a speculation to weather or not we meant what we were saying. At this point, I would have to say I don't really remember what I took
or how I got as crazy as I was, and trust me I am very experienced at this so this was some deep shit. I suddenly realized how crazy the world
around me had become. It was all infinitely deep hues of green and red that were holographic like the tracers a camera flash leaves.
I am a serious psychonaut, so in fact, the hallucinations were not a bother to me, i love to hallucinate, but the mindfuck was the ordeal.

T+1:45 - Seems like I still havent come to terms with my new world, music is too much, the carpet looks like death. I start to notice that
everything around me seems to take on a hue and air of death. Even my girlfriend starts to look like skeletor. yes, skeletor i said it. I could
see her bones poking out of her skinny frame. Scary, but at the same time, I loved her, and I wanted to save her.  I sat down, ignoring
her bony condition and started telling her how we were going to be okay. I started to question this myself. This was compounded by my
fear derived from not being able to remember things (part of the circular thinking i had going on) I started saying in my head
that "this moment, this moment is when im not gonna be crazy anymore and I will remember what i said two seconds ago" this was
repeated for about 2 mintues, till i realized what i was saying and i got scared.

T+2:00 - I decided this was the time for change. I decided that I was going to change something, and change should fix the problem of
our new life. For some odd reason, I associated change with changing clothes. This was the 20 mintues of absolute insanity for me. I
had most definitely lost it big time. I was running to my closet, putting on some new clothes, running back to my g/f, and being frustrated
because it seemed whatever clothes i was wearing, nothing had changed. I had then decided it was her fault. she had not changed,
therefore nothing changed (think of all the crazy relationship symbolism here) I had then convinced her that I loved her and I wanted her
to change clothes for me. (all communicated by crazy jibberish) She changed and i suddenly lost intrest in change and started noticing
myself. I had not changed, but indeed something was new. I felt a feeling like i have never before experienced all at once. It was like my whole
body had been asleep, and was waking up at once. (know the feeling you get when your leg falls asleep and wakes up?) It was almost
too much and i think i convulsed a little and wretched from side to side to find my comfortable spot.

T+2:15 - My g/f being kind of drunk compared to me (which made her hazy, but definitely helped her anxiety) and decided to go out into the
living room. Seeing as how it didnt kill her, I decided that I would follow. We pondered our aloneness in the house for a little bit, it was kind
of wonderful yet intimidating. (I seem to be displaying alot of very raw childish emotion at this point, being very open, tender, frail, and emotional)
I stopped in the hallway and started thinking about how somebody might find us dead like this in the house, all dressed up crazy because
we were trying to change, and that me and my g/f were going to live out the remainder of our lives ripping up paper in a mental hospital. But
never the less, we would be together, that made me smile. But then I started thinking of the well being of our son. and well, I did everything to
shake that thought by telling myself he would be okay but no go. it was in the back of my head.

T+3:30 - My girl and I started talking about how peaceful it was in the living room and all of the sudden my anxiety was replaced by pure
unadulterated beauty. This is where the extremely visual part of my trip started. It is my view that the anxiety was over riding the visuals,
much like you would encounter when you are approached by a police officer on E - you are still happy, but your feelings kind of take
a sideline to the real world.  Our living room is covered with these awesome van gogh, beatles, pink floyd, and Norman Rockwell type
paintings. Every one of these paintings seemed to show very real movement, the guys cigar was smoking, they were laughing and having
conversations, and they all seemed to be beautiful. My main focus went to starry night by van gogh. If you are tripping I strongly recommend
this, because it truly takes on a 3d life. Not only can you see the moon, you can see the mountains and the fog drifting through the valley
to a degree where you are almost on the hillside watching this take place.

T+5:00 - its about 11:00 now, and I get the urge to pop in the new beatles "Love" and take it back to the bedroom. I am still tripping so hard
I feel like I am just occupying myself to distract from the impending doom aka "my new childish insanity" When I got to the bedroom I
had a sudden realization, I now had teeth. I clicked them together for a good 10 mintues i swear. It was like a child mistified with his/her
hands upon birth. Because they had never heard of such a thing. I then started looking at this big picture blanket of abbey road we had
hung on the wall with my g/f beside me. We both noticed that while the image looked gritty because of the woven-ness of it,  we realized
that the cars were moving across the street in the background. Now what im about to say next might throw you off to my story but this
is what we really hallucinated. The beatles started walking across the road, in real time. John lennon, walked right off and made a little loop by the adjoining wall and stood in front of us. We both commented on how cool his beard was, and how we thought his insight was spectacular.
None of the other beatles followed and as soon as we made the comments he disappeared in a poof of geometric eye candy.

T+6:00 By now, about 10 mintues ago, i just realized that i had taken acid. and alot of peace has being restored to my being. I decided to go out
on the porch, took 2 drags off of a cigarette, and then questioned why I even smoke at all. I was joined by my g/f who seemed to have the same
experience. It was kind of like our souls had become one, like 2 people surviving a tradgedy together. Anyways, the neighbors below us were
partying on their porch, and I kind of pulled a Fear and Loathing on them. My girlfriend was talking about going to join them, and I was like
"you think those country ass nobodies would understand our situation or just snub their noses at how "fucked up" we are. Then i realized that I
was talking out loud and they probably heard every word. I went inside. Once inside i had extreme auditory hallucinations. Downstairs, there was a low
roar from people talking, and I could hear this roar in my head no matter where I went. I would experience this for the duration of the trip,
which was wild.

T+7:00 Basically, the trip has not calmed down now, and I am getting a little bit worried. I remembered that acid wears off and I will be O.K. Me and
my girl try to watch some T.V. but realize the fucker is just too bright. We decide that all our lives we did drugs to think "outside" the box, well at that
particular moment, we just wanted somebody to put us back in the box with the normal things.

T+9:00 we Decide we are going back to the bedroom. On the way, we noticed the picture of my g/f's mom. She died when she was young. She is
beautiful in the picture, being as it is a drawing derived from the original picture from when she was Ohio's Apple Festival Queen. The picture starts
talking to my g/f. As soon as i saw this conversation, I was also being talked to. She was telling us that she was looking down on us, and rooting
for us, no matter how bad things had been. I'm not sure if this communication was auditory or how it was perceived but i do know this, it was very
real and strong.

T-10:00 Me and my g/f decide to lay down, even though we are both tripping really hard still (didn't think cid lasted this long) She decided that she wanted to get frisky with me, but I didn't understand it. She is very beautiful. but at the moment, in that light, that GREEN light, she looked skeletonish
again, and was wearing a brown bowling shirt she decided made her feel good. The shirt made her very plain jane, and i was not attracted at all. She had begun to drink again to try to kill her buzz. I am not much of a drinker and still had almost the full bottle of makers mark. She proceeded to somewhat rape me, I wont go into details, but everything that was normally warm and arousing, had become cold and clammy. It was the vagina of death. We had sex, but she ended up passing out on me in mid stroke. This got me very scared, and I spent the next couple of uneventful hours
worrying about her health. We both laid there for another 3 hours, before one of us made the first noise, to be immediately answered by the other
which confermed that we were both very much tripping and and never went to sleep.

T+13:00 - I got up, and went into the kitchen, thinking i was hungry. It has been near 12 hours now since the trip started and things have barely eased up. I felt like a dirty hippy, and felt like all the impure things had come out of my pores, running from the devilish/angelic lsd. I decided I would cook some hamburger helper, and became seriously affixed on the texture and color of hamburger meat. I cooked the meal, tasted it and decided I couldnt
taste anything at all. I gave up on this venture and became enthralled in the rising sun. I got my g/f up to see the sun. It was amazing.

T+14:50 - For some reason my g/f had forgot to mention we had to go see my parents at 1:00 to eat with them. I was highly upset about this because
I dont like to let anybody down, but I wasnt about to go see my parents with me and her looking like buck eyed teletubbies. She made me cry about this
for a couple hours, and even made me chug big swigs of makers mark to try to kill my trip (yuck I had diet coke to mix but it didnt "work" on me fast enough for her) So basically, i called my folks and cancelled.

T +15:30 till 20:00 approx.  And the rest of the trip went on pretty much near the 20 hour mark. It was quite possibly
the most intense trip I have ever had in my life.

Thought I would share my experience, and ask if anyone has had any experience with this plain white cid in the southern united states? anyways,
sorry I was so long winded, I will be shorter, but I wanted you to understand the full extent of my intenese experience. Peace from the South!

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