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Magic Mushrooms Zamnesia
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((Fly agaric honey) (hash stalks vodka) Salvia) pot

Up in the trees

I was working at a music festival, long hours, hard work...  We had the saturday night and the Sunday free to ourselves to enjoy the festy.   I'd taken 450ml of hash stalk vodka (brewed for 18 months) and combined it with 50ml of fly-agaric honey (4 heads ground up in about 75ml of honey, kept at about 35 degrees for 6 months in the bottom compartment of my rayburn and shaken regularly)...   Always a little bit stoned...  Anyhow, saturday night, I'm out with 3 of my colleagues (I was their minibus driver) and I'm getting stuck into my mushroom-honey-vodka and smoking a few biffs along the way when one of them pulls some 10x salvia out of his pocket...  I had a pipe...  Very interesting...  I want some 20x...  I bought some 20x from a scary looking voodoo dread while the 10x was kicking in...  Wicked, off to the forest lads!  I hit the first pipe of 20x after another generous shot...  I was standing in front of my mates...  I took the first hit and looked at them... 'I don't think its working'...  WHOOOOSH...  'I think I've fallen over' - I was still standing but as soon as I said 'i think I've fallen over'  I fell over...  I remember 3 sanp shot images from the perspective of being up in the branches of the trees, about 15 feet above the ground...  I saw myself lying on my side on the ground, then I saw myself floating above the ground in the same lying position, then I saw myself being absorbed into the tree, and then I sanpped out of it...  'F*@king hell man, are you alright?'  'Yeah man, I'm fine, what you all looking at?  How long was that?  Felt like about 30 seconds',  'Nah man, you were out for about 15 minutes'...  They were a bit freaked out and I couldn't talk any of them into it...

2nd hit on the salvia, again, after another hefty shot...  I was with a different, this time completely random, mate...  We were under a different tree, same forest...  This time I went straight up into the branches again, my vision was sketchy-digital but it was fluid...  I could see the 2 of us lying by the tree rolling around, I could hear the sounds of the festival...  It was very cool, funny, much more enjoyable than the first hit, I felt comfortable with it...

3rd hit, same as before, same big shot, same random mate, same forest...  Up into the tree again, only this time not only did I have fluid vision (still sketchy-digital) but I could also speak, or at least I thought I was talking...  I could see a couple of women walking passed us on the track, they were very close to my body that was rolling around on the floor but I was watching them from the branches...  I could hear them talking and saw them pointing at us...  I tried to attract their attention from the branches...  They scurried passed... 

The whole night was pretty wierd, but in a really good i-don't-give-a-f*ck-if-I've-gone-mad-this-is-amazing type way, but can't be arsed to type it all out - sketchy memories.  No paranoia though, and I was feeling very social when i wasn't in the trees -  it was the peaks on the salvia that made the night what it was though.   I've got no idea how strong the mushroom-honey-vodka was, or how much it contributed to the experience, it was all gone when I woke up...  And when I did wake up my world was forever changed, just a little bit, and in a very good way - every time i think about it it makes me laugh!

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