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First trip. From good to bad to amazing!

cambodian mushrooms, weed and Bob Marley =)

For a long time I have thought of trying shrooms but have never had the chanse to do it. I have read A LOT of trip reports and facts about psycadelic mushrooms and knew that it was
not something to mess around with.

Yesterday, me and my friend (lets call him K) had decided to take some cambodian mushrooms. It was the first time for both of us to take a psycadelic drug so we were kind of excited.
Everything was prepared for the night and we felt ready. We ingested the mushroom 4 in the afternoon and sat down to take a cigarette an listen to some chill music.

The first thing I noticed was that the music became, more and more "soothing" and everything just seemed great!

Me and K was chatting, having a good time and after a while we went to the basement of my house to share a joint. After puffing a while we both lost track of time and it felt like time was just
an illusion. One minute seemed like 5 hours, but at the same time 2 seconds! suddenly I could hear some girl laughing in a distance so i stood up to look out the window. The sky had never been
so clear and the birds never so beautiful, I felt a great sense of energy flowing through my body and was sertan that this was a good trip.

We went back up to the living room witch had never been so "welcoming". Bob marley was playing on the stereo, and I was feeling really good. But then I became really dizzy and started having stupid
thoughts that maybe I had been poisoned, and that taking mushrooms in the first place was a dumb and naive thing to do. I said to K that I wanted to go get some fresh air so we went 
outside. Then things got really bad and I said to K that I wanted to go inside again to get some water because I wasn't feeling so good.

When I got to the kitchen I was so fucked up I couldn't even stand. bad thoughts and images raced through my mind, and eventually I fell to the floor and K got me some orange juice. After a minute,
or three hours, who knows, I probably had the greatest feeling I have ever had. I could see strong colors and faces of a beautiful women everywhere! It was truly amazing to go from feeling
really scared to having the best feeling ever. Then me and K had a wierd but cool conversation where everything made totally scense :P.

After this I could feel the shrooms slowly wearing off and we decided it was safe to light another joint. I don't know if it was the weed or the shrooms, or a combination of both but after we 
smoked the joint I laughed so mutch I coldn't breath. everything was hysterical, and I think we laughed for about an hour :D

At last the shrooms wore off and we had some beers and talked about the crazy shit that had just happened until 7 in the morning. Then we went to bed.

Today i feel great, and I think its a feeling that will last =)

This was truly an amazing experience for me and I strongly recommend trying magic mushrooms. But be careful, and do it with a good friend.  

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