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Helge & RobMarley420's St. Patty's Day Extravaganza

A legendary party with no limits...

It all started on a fine, but slightly hung over Saturday morning. The crew was supposed to meet at my place at 12:30 to start the pre-party for the IMAX film 300… 

Of course with everyone taking full advantage of Friday night----and living between 15 min and 1.5 hours away, the 12:30 deadline was hopeless and we ended up with shitty seats.:( 

This was partly due to the need to cash out a gigantic nug/opium mixed bowl in my car before entering the theater. 
(5 people in a tiny 94 corolla... Hell yeah..) 

IT was also interesting that the couple in the car across from us were performing similar rituals:D 

ANYWAY.. The movie was fun, but most of the crew complained of neck pains due to the awkward viewing angle due to our shitty ass seats... I on the other hand, was smart about the situation and ingested approximately 25mg of oxycotin, plus an additional 10 mg Valium before the movie, and packed a bullet of ketamine for the TRUE imax experience:grin:

So the movie gets out and we head back to my place.... 

After the movie was over we started smoking and drinking the day away with a little Valium to top it of. With the disco ball and fog machine setting the mood we decide it'd be great to have a little rolling/tripping party. So I head back to my house to pick up my necessary supplies for the night, 3 boxes of nitrous & my dispenser, my bullet loaded with a 1/2 gram of K, my chillum & my nugs, 300 mg's MDMA, 350 mg's methylone, and 3 pills of 2C-E. I all-ready had some shrooms waiting for me at Helge's place so there was no need to grab more. My friend Mike also grabs his box of goods, 100 mgs molly, a 2 gram mushroom chocolate, 1/2 gram K, 180 mg's methylone, some Valiums, some 4-ho-dipt, some 2C-I, and of course some bud. He also brought some 5-htp, balloons for n20, and a bunch of glow sticks and glowing and blinking shit. 

(Helge) I'm cutting in... 

To add to their supplies I am already prepared with a 4th box of nitrous, a second dispenser, Second bullet-(with multiple grams of K), 4 grams of opium, one gram of opium mixed with kief, 2c-b, 2c-i, lsd, a 24 pack of Blats beer, various other beer, a few more percs, and a couple hundred more Valium; Plus various other flashy, "raver" toys. 

Back to 

As soon as we get back to Helge's place the drugs are distributed and the party starts. 200 mg molly for me, 100 mg molly & 90 mg methylone for Helge, 125 mg methylone for Bob, and 100 mg's molly for Mike. We're chillin out relaxin with some beer and bud watching the music visualizer (which is displaying on three separate monitors) and then decide to spice up the molly with a little mushrooms, me and Helge both eat a 2 gram mush chocolate(Orissa India), kicked back and waited for things to get started. A couple hours later Mike eats 1/2 a chocolate and Bob pops another 125 mg methylone. 

The next thing you know Helge's "house" K bullet is being passed around and the fun begins. I could REALLY feel the molly and mush in my system and then the K begins to take hold. It was an excellent transition into the hippy flip, right when the K wore off; I was feeling awesome from mush and molly. I felt like a little kid, inspecting every object I could get my hands on, trying to juggle glow sticks, walking around aimlessly bobbing and moving to the beat of the music. 

The music sounded incredible and I decided it was time to break out some nitrous. I remember taking a hit and watching a shadow on the wall become an incredible hallucination. The shadow was filled with small white squares that made up a bunch of larger squares and rectangles. The smaller squares were moving and flowing all about in perfect synchronization--almost dancing to the music, slowly creeping from the shadow and covering the wall before quickly disappearing. I felt amazing after the nitrous. I was filled with energy and happiness from the molly and the mushrooms added to the brightened colors, the laughter, and an excellent body buzz. 

The "house" bullet was constantly being passed around through out the night along with the N20 dispensers and countless bowls of nug/opium mix. There was one point in the later half of the night/morning where I was taking bumps from the bullet and I didn't think the bullet was loaded properly and I wasn't getting any because I couldn't feel the burn in my nostrils. Helge probably loaded up 3 or 4 bumps before I felt as if I got a solid bump. About 10 minutes later I realized that all 3-4 bumps were solid bumps and I just couldn't feel the burn because I had all ready put so much K up my nose that night. At this point in time things got pretty wild, everything was distorted and blurred in crazy ways. Bob was sitting across the coffee table from me but I had to keep looking away from him because it looked like his face was caving in on it self. It looked like his face was going to fold in half, ear to ear, it was too weird--I couldn't look at it. I was way out there… I had to use every last bit of my concentration to understand a conversation or to put together a sentence. I felt so comfortable in my body; I sunk down into the recliner and drifted away from reality. I was totally consumed in the music visualizer… During certain points it looked almost as if everything in the room was a painting except for the visualizer. 

In the state I was in watching Helge swinging glow sticks was amazing! Trails upon trails upon trails upon trails!!! It was some serious eye candy. The flow was mesmerizing, the neon glow was beautiful and the patterns were amazing. I've played around with glow sticks before but never on strings, Helge was trying to teach me how and the hand pattern he was using but I was all K'd out and trippin… It was almost impossible to see what his hands were even doing. 

I had a glow stick in my hand just about the whole night---kinda like Johnny Depp has a cigarette in his mouth the whole time in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". 
I spent a good amount of time away from the others in a dark room practicing; it was so much fun watching the glow sticks swirling and flying around, trails going every which way. By the end of the night I had the basic flow down but I couldn't even compare to the sick shit Helge was doing. 

It was probably around 5 in the morning when we finally put down the glow sticks and began the puddling process in the main room. This is where it got totally out of control with the N20. 


So after sucking down quite a few cartridges throughout the night Rob and I decided to hit the N20 hard! My goal was to inhale three cartage's… Unfortunately it seemed as if I could only get two in my system before totally forgetting what I was doing---laughing out of control. Seconds would pass by and I would realize that I failed to meet my goal and it kinda pissed me off. This is where I had to regulate.. I told everyone in the room that they needed to make damn sure I got that third cartridge down!!! But with everyone in the state they were in, I’m not even 100% sure it happened.. To tell you the truth, it probably did, but I so spun I can’t guarantee anything. Rob got bad enough that I remember him cashing out at least two cartridges, and then asking me if he even did any!! He had completely forgotten what had happened. 

(RobMarley420) Cuts in to clarify the N20 Experience and add more to the previously stated K adventure 

At some point in the night I also remember saying "Did I just come out of a K-hole???". I was so out there I don't know if I was coming back from a nitrous breakthrough, or if I really had drifted off into the K-hole after doing 3-4 bumps back to back. 

And I can say for sure that Helge did successfully get 3 cartridges down once, I know because I was loading the N20 dispenser. We would have 2 dispensers loaded and ready to go. He would inhale one and hand it to me so I could reload it while he was sucking down the second and then I'd hand him the third. The first time he tried he got 2 down and then started laughing uncontrollably and completely forgot he was going to do a 3rd. The second time he got 2 down again and forgot he was doing a 3rd, I tried handing him the dispenser but he wouldn't grab it, he was off in la-la land. Since he made it loud and clear that he was on a mission do 3 cartridges I actually put the dispenser up to his lips and pulled the trigger, he got about 2&1/2 that time. But the 3rd time was a charm. He inhaled 1&1/2 in his first lungful, and then 1&1/2 again in his second lungful. As he was reaching to the coffee table to grab a 4th cartridge he slowly slumped over and went unconscious for a little bit and came back not knowing what had just happened... a full on nitrous breakthrough. 

(Helge cuts in) 
This heavy consumption of N20 went back and forth between me and Rob countless amounts of times with Bob and Mike on the other side of the room in their own world... Eventually I told everyone that we are done doing nitrous… Next thing you know, Rob is preparing another round, so I said fuck it and it kept going and going… Every time we would do N20 it literally felt as if we became part of the sound waves! I would stand up and sway my body back and forth in rhythm to the music waves sailing through the air. 

(Back to RobMarley420) 
There was one point in the night where Helge and I were in the middle of a little nitrous marathon when Mike decides to bust out his supply of K. Now Mike is kind of a lightweight when it comes to psychedelics and he was already on a molly, 1/2 a chocolate, and had drank quite a few beers. This was also his first night doing K so he wasn't too familiar with it. I wasn't paying too much attention to what Mike and Bob were doing on the other side of the coffee table but I know mike didn't have a bullet so he was doing his K off a mirror. I don't know how big of a line he did, but he was straight fucked up! The look on his face was priceless. He tried to stand up but immediately fell back to the couch; there was no walking or talking for him for an hour or so. He was stumbling around and running into walls for pretty much the rest of the night. Sometime around 7AM or so when we were doing our last bumps of K Mike learned that alcohol and K don't mix too well. With his hand holding the vomit in his bulging cheeks he stumbled to the toilet and spilled his guts, about half an hour later he was right back in the bathroom puking some more. I guess it wasn't too bad though, he said he felt like a new man after he threw up.:thumbup:

(Helge Cuts in) 

In the end Mike was a champ!!! In the morning there were no signs of puke in my bathroom. So for as much as he puked, he made it in the bowl and had the common courtesy to clean up whatever mess was left behind. Amazing---Especially since I don’t think I have ever seen someone that fucking up in my life;)

(Back to RobMarley420) 

At the end of the night Helge's place kinda reminded me of the trashed hotel room at the end of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". There was empty nitrous cartridges and beer bottles everywhere, Valium's laying all over the floor, a huge cup of vaporized weed had been spilt. Sometime around 7AM or so we took our last bumps of K and decided it was time to call it a night. We all popped a few Valiums, smoked some nugs, and passed out. Surprisingly I woke up the next morning feeling good, I wasn't drained or spent like I had expected. I was a little tired but other than that I was in a good mood, I felt better than average. Isn't that ironic, if I go out and drink 15 beers in a night I'll wake up feeling like shit, but after a night of K, MDMA, mushrooms, nitrous, Valium, and opium I wake up feeling fine. 


As Rob stated, we woke up in the morning feeling pretty damn good! It was one hell of a night!!!! I was still super tired and after the crew departed I finished the remaining two beers left in the fridge and crashed. It was about 3:30pm Sunday when I fell asleep. When I woke up I felt great, totally refreshed and ready for the start of a new week… Class starts at 9:30, work after class at 5:00.

Unfortunately, when I looked at the clock I had completely lost a day. It was 13 hours later!!!! At least I made it to work!

It was a night that we will never forget. A mini shroomery gathering/rolling party that will go down in history!!:mushroom2:

The End

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