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DMT? In a spliff?

I really need a more precise scale...

So this is going to be part trip report and part personal historical record as I learn from the past from this wonder I  discovered.

Some background: When I encountered DMT I knew next to nothing of the drug. In reading up here and other places I discovered two predominantly popular ways to smoke the drug: 1) Pack it between two smokable herbs (marijuana typically suggested) and 2) vaporizing it via meth pipe. On my first attempt at a breakthrough I chose the first method and it worked fairly poorly. Mostly due to inexperience. On a whim this morning I decided to roll some into the spliff I was gonna smoke before my first day of class (today).

Now I figured rolled goods would work well for dmt as they cherry rather easily and you can burn them down fairly quickly. Initially when I got the dmt I had no weed and was planning on using tobacco before a friend lent me half a bowl, and I was intrigued by the idea of adding the dmt to the spliff. Now, my intent was not to breakthrough, nor to really trip. I just wanted to add a littlle kick to the body high before I had to get to school. Unfortunately, my scale is woefully inaccurate with such small quantities, so I think I added more than I thought. I emerged out my front door on to my front porch to witness two fire trucks and some five-o parked at an accident less than a block away. In fact, I think my porch offered the best view of the event.

I usually roll my splifs front-heavy, that way all that's wasted in the roach is tobacco. I applied this principle to the dmt, sprinkling all of it in roughly the second half-centimeter of the spliff. Once I began to taste the dmt (after the first couple puffs) I took three huge rips, holding each in for at least ten seconds. By the third I could barely hold the j (the downside of smoking dmt in j form? accidently burning something when you drop it/set it down...fortunately I avoided that :p), so I set it down on the chair next to me and took in the surreality of the accident scene unfolding before me. Like my first experience, I'm near positive that I didn't have a breakthrough. Though I came close. Sensing myself coming down from my surprisingly hard trip, and wanting to finish the rest of my spliff, I lit the now extinguished end and was surprised as the taste of dmt assaulted my palate. I continued smoking it, this time more like I would a normal spliff. Surprisingly, I wound up tripping harder than when I zero-hit the fresh dmt. My first dmt trip included my first-ever aural hallucination, in the form of the song that was playing altering in pitch/tempo and a period of different loopings. This one included (I think, my senses weren't reliable for me to even confirm that that was what was happening as it was occuring) a full blown audio/visual loop, in the form of a never-ending line of traffic (that, I admit, could've been never-ending in real life). Yet my hearing and what little I remember of my sight have convinced me this was a full blown loop. And that was my second 'trip' in fifteen-twenty minutes, on the same j!

Of course the trippiest part came after I was back inside, coming down. I told my roomate about the accident and he looked outside to investigate. There was no sign of anything besides two cars parked on a street where cars don't normally  park. That scared me. Perhaps I had been tripping harder than I thought, I reasoned. Once I realized that I was stone-cold, morning sober when I first went out and witnessed the commotion brought me back to earth, thankfully.

Taste is always a concern with dmt. From what little info I've collected some abhor it, some don't mind it, but no one seems to really love it. In the few times I've had it I am convinced that it's simply an acquired taste. It was especially 'different' when coupled with both weed and tobacco. Of course, it didn't help that all I had left were papers ripped out of the bible this morning. I made a point of buying papers while on campus, determined to perfect the quantity needed for a good dmt-infused spliff.

I smoked  my second attempt a few hours ago tonight, and it had exactly what I wanted/expected out of the first. The taste, with the substitution of zig zag for bible, was far less tainted  and is actually growing on me, and since (this is eyeballed...heh, obviously) there can't have been more than 30-50 mgs of dmt in the spliff. The increased body high was most intense while I was smoking (even though I made  sure to put the dmt in approximately th e middle). The act  of smoking itself became as difficult as it is when you're peaking on a batch of shrooms, and I felt approximately the same body high. The body high continued to last another 10 minutes once I ashed the cig, subsiding slowly and subtley into a normal spliff high that lasted for about a half-hour after I finished smoking.

 I'll continue to update these pages with my adventures in psychadelic spliff smoking, probably when I complete my dream to smoke a 'rainbow spliff', complete with extracted psylocin! And of course if you have anything relevant to add, please don't hesitate to comment.

Since I have shit to do this'll be a brief warning that I'll later expound on.
Since the dosage is so variable (especially since after I became more comfortable with the idea I began sharing it freely, so then when I smoked on by myself again it hit way harder than I thought it would), and the trip so short (if you even trip at all), the DMT spliff can be a very dangerous toy indeed. I'd gotten very used to them while I still had DMT (three months ago, maybe), to the point where I had no apprehension when smoking them or qualms about doing so regardless of time or place. Anyway, since I'd gotten to the point I was fine with smoking a big one in my tobacco/experimental pipe. Oh, and did I mention I was drunk and chilling with a few (also drunk) friends? Bad idea. Needless to say, psychedelics and alcohol never mix well. Ever.
My warning: make sure to always respect the DMT spliff. If you don't it'll surprise you.

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