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tiered of laughing??

the hardest i have ever tripped

a couple of days ago my friend said he could get some really good shrooms so i told him to pick me up a quarter. I have tripped on acid twice and mushrooms twice also. I have never had extremely hard trip from mushrooms so i wanted to eat as mush as my wallet could provide. when I got them and they were looking nice. I got some ciggs and started eating them on the way to my girlfriends house. I ate around 5 grams of closed capped cubies. When i got there i started feeling very tierd and my stomach was hurting. I knew that this was just part of the process my girlfriend who ate 2 grams was feeling the same way. I tried to comfort her and tell her its just a phase and it will be over soon. Suddenly i couldnt control my laughter. Jim brewer stand up was on the tv and everything he said was fucking hilarious.

My girl friends mom and my friends mom was both home and i was just trying not to be seen by them at first. They were drunk so i figured i can act a fool around them. My girlfriend ate around 2 or 2 1/2 grams and was starting to feel them as well. Thirty mins pass by and i start to see light changes. everything had the same effect as when the sun goes behind the clouds and everything goes dim. It was doing this over and over and i started seeing colors. It was almost like a fog in every room with its own color. By this time my laughing was out of control i couldnt even stop myself. I was just constanly laughing and crying on myself. I went to the bathroom and ended up sitting in there for around thirty mins looking at the shower curtain and other objects. The curtain's patterns were morphining and changing colors. It was the coolest pattern i have ever tripped on. what were once flowers turned into geometric shapeds and shifted colors from yellow to black was was pulsing. I looked at my legs and it seemed like the hair on my legs multiplied. I had tons of hair were i normally dont. I then looking into the mirror. that was crazy. I could see through my skin like on some tool video or something. After i manage to get out, i stumble over to the radio and put on some aphex twin and go outside for a smoke. Nature is always the best place for me when i trip and sure enough thats when i lost it. The grass was making patterns, the trees were swaying and kaliedascoping. Time seemed to stand still and started wondering if i am going to be like this forever. I was just thinking well if it does happen least ill have a damn good time. we all sat outside and were talking about current things and the "good ol days." I walked under some trees and looked up and the tree started shaking like it was dancing. I couldnt even control my emotions. I was moving all the time and laughing hysterically. We sat out there for a couple of hours cracking jokes and them went inside.

then once my peak had came and left, we watched "Across the Universe." I couldnt even tell what was going on. the tv screen was in a blur. Mid way through the movie i started coming to my senses and i could make out what things were. Ther girl with the curly hair was freaking me out. She had two sets of eyes on her head. And her hair was different shades of the same color but it was like a painting. After the movie me and my girl friend layed in bed togeather. It felt nice to rap up with each other in bed and rub each others skin. I was trying to explain what i have seen and what i was feeling like when i was walking around in circles looking at the floor and laughing my ass off. I couldnt even explain it. 

I didnt really do my meditation or learning or anything like that. I feel like acid is better for introspection. 

I cant wait till my B+ are ready for harvest. we are planning to have around 7 people togeather and doing it big.   

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