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MAOI and mushies

Syrian Rue is scary strong

       Let me start by saying that I have total and utmost respect for how strong good mushrooms are, especially when combined with an MAO inhibitor.  Being a fairly experienced psychonaut, I felt I could handle this level of trip.  Boy was it scary.  I have done mushrooms over a dozen times and taken acid both on blotter paper and good liquid 7 or 8 times.  And this was the hardest I've ever tripped.  
        I brought some mushroom chocolates ( 4.2g each) over my cousin's apt. and the 3 of us planned to trip all night.  I took 2 gel caps filled with Syrian Rue extract, my cousin SC took passion flower extract mixed with water and his brother SE took no MAOI.  30 mins later we each ate our chocolates.  Within 15 minutes the trip had set in.  At first it was extremely enjoyable as colors seemed more vibrant, trails and pulsing visuals starting appearing and we all shared a giddiness about it all.  As we headed towards our peak every visual seemed to get more intense.  This is when the trip took a turn for all three of us.  SE, with no MAOI in his body, began to freak the rest of us out with his inability to comprehend how intense everything had become.  I was especially nervous since I was the one who supplied the mushies, but his panicking seemed to subside once he vomited.  This seemed to relax him.  The syrian rue definitely made this trip more intense and felt much like being on really good liquid acid.  So, for the most part I really enjoyed how the trip went sans my cousing causing some panic during the peak.  In total we all tripped for about 6 hours
     So, for my next trip on boomers, I decided to take the same route.  This time I was going to be tripping by myself at home with 4 friends.  I took 2 gel caps filled with syrian rue extract and another chocolate, this time with only 3.5g. of mushrooms.  Now, both this time and last i followed all the health related instructions for putting an MAOI in your body.  I avoided all foods that have tyramine, and didnt eat much that day at all leading up to my trip.  So here I went, took my 2 gel caps, waited 45 mins this time and ate my chocolate.  At first, the trip was eerily similar to the last time.  Really nice visuals, an upbeat positive mood for about 3 hours.  This is when i figured I hit my peak.  Well once everyone else went to bed, I layed down and starting watching a movie by myself - 'Desperado' was on.  Suddenlly I could not get comfortable.  The visuals got much stronger but not in a  positive way.  I felt like I would fall over If i stood up so I just layed there trying to comprehend where this trip was going.  It had taken another, unexpected turn that I was not ready for.  I remember my vision started to get blurry and I could not read anything on the tv screen.  Sportscenter was on and it really bugged me out that I couldn't make sense of anything.  No matter where i looked, eyes open or shut the visuals would not go away and I started to get dizzy.  I rememeber going back and forth from the couch to my bed trying to lay down and just muster through this thing.  But I could not calm down.  I wanted so badly to  have somebody to talk me through this but everyone was passed out.  I kept thinking that I took less boomers this time so how could I possibly be tripping this hard?  It made no sense.  I was in a state of pure confusion  over how my body and senses could be this messed up.  I got shortness of breath and for a while simply had to focus on trying to breathe normally.  The freakiest part was refusing to look at myself in the mirror (which when i trip I normally love to look in my eyes) because I didnt want to see how fucked up I looked.  Eventually I got a hold of my sense of things and layed down listening to my ipod.  The remedy to the panic was music!  The trip in total was about 10 hours.  I really don't have any desire to mess with syrian rue or any MAOI again for that matter.  Please be careful if you decide to experiment with this stuff.  It definitely works, but be smart and respect how powerful it can be.

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