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1st true experience

may not seem that bad thats just what i remember there was alot that faded away a couple days after

*sorry its so long i didn't wanna leave shit out*

im 16 and live in a small rich town that i hate simply b/c im not rich, but anyways towards the end of the very small window you can get mushrooms in my town my "friend" bought 1/2 oz. i was broke so he said he would give me some. i had taken shrooms once b4 about an 1/8, and dropped acid i took about 2 hits, he had never done either. knowing this kid was an idiot i told him id give him what he needed and id take what i needed. i grabbed about 3/8 of the 1/2 mostly caps and a few big stems. they were dried golden teachers. i ate all 3/8 on an empty stomach at about 820pm. 

telling the kid i had to leave i went home which was about a 5 minute walk. i was just chillen listening to music talking to ppl online. at around 830 i notice i had already started to feel the onset of the shrooms, i was honestly very surprised. my dad came in and told me i had to clean my room, this was about 5 minutes later. feeling light headed i closed my eyes for a second, opening to find a yellow haze all around only 15 minutes after eating them. from then on i knew my night was going to be thrown into intense psychedelic affair. about 45 minutes after eating the mushrooms my depth perception was way off and would not stay the same. it was hard to type when ur keyboard is 10ft away and right in ur face every time you blink. natural instinct kicked in and i turned on some music. nothing is better than a lil grateful dead when ur trippin right, music even when I'm smoked out makes me feel different but this was like nothing iv ever felt. the beats rhythm and harmony engulfed my mind and body i started to feel antsy yet i could not move feeling cold but i could feel the sweat running down my face. for the next 20 minutes i just chilled in this moment. i started talking to my ex g/f online and for some reason i felt like i needed her with or something was going go horribly wrong. i told her i was trippin and trippin hard only about and 1 1/2 hours ( less maybe) into my trip. i felt very overwhelmed by my need to be with her, focusing on my paranoia hoping it would throw my trip into an unfathomable state of anyone who hasn't experienced such a thing. something made me curious about darkness. i leaned over and turned my lights off, BAD.......VERY BAD idea. i was paralyzed by fear i did not and still do not know what had come over at this point. i felt constricted, confined. i was dodging invisible light ( invisible to me i thought i was seeing lights fly at me but could not see them) convincing my self it was safe to move i turned my lights on. my room was vibrant all my walls were a different color than normal and not all were the same either. this lasted about 5 minutes laying down to grab my liter from the side of my bed i looked up, and saw lizards? possibly, 2d reptile shaped creatures were crawling all over my ceiling. by this point i was craving a cigarette. getting up and opening my door. at the site of my hallway and living room i felt free. taking an oddly large step out of my room stretching as i entered the hall way i looked down and saw well didn't see what should have been there ( my legs for those who cant figure it out) glancing to my right then my left i had found them. ya fucked up i know dint need to tell me. i had done some hard drinking in my past but nothing compares to the blurriness and distortion of sight during this time. oddly flailing my arms by my side as i walked, my house was moving around me, shifting on an imaginary axis it tilted and turned as i walked. feeling like i had been walking for hours to travel the whole 25ft to my door i sat down outside, yes in the dark again to have a cig. i called my ex trying to get back in touch w/ reality,attempt able yet impossible, at this point i had lost all my perception of time and reality (thinking it was about 2 hours and 20 minutes into my trip). as i was sitting on my porch mumbling what i thought were sentences in my head the smoke of my bogie was making funny faces at me. telling my ex i had to go, hanging up quickly i stood up and just looked around. some how i ended up on the opposite side of my porch. then back to other, feeling a little freaked out i went back inside and back in my room. i needed to calm down and just have fun, i sat on the edge of my bed and turned some music on. it was a nice idea . having no idea what was on i just sat and watched my room. my walls began to pulsate w/ the beat of my music and globs of vibrant colors were dripping from my ceiling forming large pools, covering and mixing on my floor my walls had a weird shine to them as they were moving like a breathing lung. all of sudden it all slowed down the music the color trip the pulsating walls. the music stayed slow and distorted as my world around looked like a video sped up( like when they show ice melting or freezing) mesmerized by the euphoric sound of the music and the mismatch of my world and its soundtrack. i just tripped out like this for a good 2 hours or more. my clock told me it was getting late, literaly said to me mike its time turn the music off.  so i turned off the music and laid in my bed. suddenly i was obsessed with the texture of my skin it was. it was an indescribable texture i laid and squirmed around rubbing my skin my mind started to drift about nothing i closed my eyes and entered into a whole other galaxy. i spent a long time exploring this new world in my mind taking me through space filled w/ stars and what not. suddenly feeling a change in emotion my visuals changed i began to see faded sketched columns of colors twisting, moving in a never ending race to the end. i felt like these colums represented my lidfe and its path for years i had been following the same vicious circle never reaching a final goal.  my mood changed again i was thrown into a dark mind set depressing thoughts, failures deaths disappointments. yet again my mind changed i got mad horny and laid in my bed craving sexual stimulation but i couldn't move i felt like i was floating on a blanket on the surface of the ocean feeling every movement of the water.  at this time i had no idea where i was who i was or what was going on around me in the real world. FAR FAR  beyond the point of no return. sooner or later i broke from these dramatic mood changes i felt myself startin to get tired i knew my trip was coming to an end, i just watched family guy. i laughed and laughed and laughed. i laughed at commercials to the point i had tears in my eyes. this was probably 6-7 hours after i ate the mushrooms. if anything happened after this point i have no memory of it. my trip was short but intense you may and prolly have read more intense trip stories than this but since all this happened i dont feel the same i ant explain how i feel different there is just a difference and there is no way to explain it

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