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LSD and the Police

Narrowly Escaped Again

    So towards the end of last summer, my parents and sibilings left the house for three weeks. My friend and I thought this would be the perfect time to experiment with LSD. So we both get off work at 8 am and do not have to be back for 36 hours. We borrow our friends car and drive to my other friend who lives in the mountains near where I live and grows marijuana. We sit around smoking studying the marijuana plants and finally get our LSD and a qaurter of weed for the day. The man who we bought it from told us that he wasen't sure whether there was 15 or 50 hits in the vial. Naturally I did not know what to make of it or have any idea how to tell.
    So we quickly drive to my house, stoked regardless and hoping we did not get ripped off, get there, and put the key in the lock and open the door. The alarm goes off. Finite amounts of paranoria as the alarm keeps going off. We quickly hide all of our shit in rooms. I try punching in the correct code to turn off the alarm but fail. The alarm eventually stops making noise after a while but I am not reassurred over the situation. I look up my parents wedding anniverssary and call up the security system people. I explain to them the situation and how I just forgot the code at the time but tell them the correct code. They say that the police were on their way but they would call them and tell them that everything is alright.
    Now we are pretty stoked, we put my friends car in the garage and locked all the doors. We go downstairs to eat some LSD, now we each pour 4 to 5 drops  and neither of us have any idea how much or little this could be but decided we would take more if we needed to. After taking the L, we go and smoke three bowls as celebration and then go put on planet earth.
    25 minutes into Planet Earth I remember hearing the doorbell ring. I say to myself who the fuck would be knocking since the house is kinda remote and no one expects anyone to be home. I tip toe towards the window and see two police cruisers parked right outside my garage. I tell my friend, and we turn off the television, he scrambles and runs downstairs to my room closes the blinds and hides under blankets and takes a nap. I go into a secure room upstairs which is a study, that only has one window with blinds. Looking back I do not know why we split up but I guess we were just high.
    I remember keeping a track of the time, hearing the doorbell ring time after and time and knocks occassionally on various doors. I would peek out the window every now and then and look around only to still see the police cruisers maintain there for over 45 minutes. I began to feel the effects of the LSD, my friend and I hiding from the police, refusing to come out since we just wanted to stay inside with our drugs. In the end, we won, the law left us in peace, so we celebrated there departure by taking more LSD and going on a incredable walk around the neighborhood and the ponds with streams, by then sitting on a bridge over a river looking west straight at the mountains.
    Trial by Fire, I will use LSD for the rest of my life.


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