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best high ever


So the first time i ever did shroomz it was pretty bunk jus felt like a regular weed high or something. but my second trip on shroomz was another story. called my dealer over so i can by some bud and he said he had some shroomz so i was like ya ok i will take a zip for 50$  he told me all i would need is a gram i thought this guy was a fool. so anyway my cuzn and i took a gram each at about 9pm.  about 45mins later  thats when it hit him we were watching clerks 2 and he started to tripp he said the characters faces were starting to twist and shit i was like fuck off because i didnt see it that way. but he couldnt stop laughing about 15-20 mins i started to feel a weird feeling through out my body it felt like i was being tickled on the inside of my body jus a non stop feeling through my whole trip i had to keep rubbing myself all over my body so i went to the bathroom to splash some water on my face thats when the bathroom started to go red like asif there was a red lightbulb in there so i thougth i was about to trip bad so i went outside and got some air maybe it was jus a psycological thing because when i got outside i felt better and i started lookin at the houses across the street and it looked liek they were all breathing then i started to laugh fuck i couldnt stop so by now we have been tripping for an hour and i roll up a half ounce blunt we smoke about half and it seemed liek asif the buzz kicked in even more after we smoked the blunt. so my cuzn and i were sittin outside and his woman and their kids are gona to bed and they left the tv and the dvd player on. the main menu to the movie "little man" was on and fuck i jus couldnt stop laughing at the music i had to get my cuzn to turn it off because i couldnt walk how funny it was i dont know why but i was funny as a muthafucka so we go back inside and start sippin on some beers at teh table and  i started to focus on  the kitchen light it started to move in a circular motion it started moving faster and faster and finally it looked like a toilet flushing and it kept on doin the same thing i sat there for about an hour watching it do that. after that we decide to go for a drive and it seemed like every corner i turned it felt like i was riding on flats so we got only a few blocks away and went back to the house cuz i couldnt drive this was at about 5am and they sky was pink not because of the sun it was cloudy out so i know it wasnt the sun. about 630 is when i felt the buzz wearing off so we smoked the other half of the joint and i went to bed. i felt it kick some more jus a bit and then i went to bed. fuck no bullshit we was high on just 1 gram each for about 7 or 8 hours best high i ever best part was the body high it was suck a good feeling jus non stop going through my body. my cuzn had weird after affects he would alwayz look down at his chest and kinda move his arms asif he was walkin. kinda like smokey on "friday"

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