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Second trip!

4 years later...

I finally had my second trip on January 2nd, 2009. My first trip ( https://www.shroomery.org/9366/My-first-trip ), was pretty chaotic and I puked a lot, which took away from the eperience.

However, this time was incredible! A perfect reintroduction to shrooms. I didn't have a very intense trip, which was okay because I was able to enjoy what was happening to me. I purchased 5 grams, originally with the idea of taking 2 and my friend taking the rest. When it came time to do them, I decided that I would start with 1.5 grams.

The plan was for my boyfriend and I to go down to our friend's house where we would trip because his parents were out of town for a week or so. It was a very comfortable and safe environment. My boyfriend, Josh, and I woke up that day, smoked weed, took a shower, and drove down to Jared's house. We got there and hung out for a bit, smoking more weed out of the zong and watching Law and Order: SVU (the best of all the Law and Orders). Around 2 pm we made some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, using crunchy peanut butter to disguise the texture of the shrooms. Pretty good idea. Moreover, they didn't have much of a taste at all...Last time they had a horrible flavor and made me gag several times. Jared described it as eating pork rhinds, light and crunchy. Josh didn't have any because he's never done them before and was apprehensive about it, which is understandable...So he was our sitter.

We watched a few episodes of ATHF on the computer before returning to livingroom to listen to some Juno Reactor and then watch an old Transformers cartoon movie, followed by Hot Rod. I began to notice a stoning effect without having smoked any weed (not within at least 30 minutes) and I began to yawn uncontrollably. I knew it was happening. I felt this feeling of extreme tiredness but without needing to sleep. It was weird and hit me in waves.

I seemed to lose the concept of time. I knew time was passing but it didn't register as passed time. My body was warm and relaxed with my limbs feeling as if they could float off of my body. The characters in the tv and the objects around me seemed to have a halo around them as if they were producing their own light, along with the brightening of colors and textures. The fireplace and the mantle melted down the wall a few times and the photos on the walls began to breathe and swell.

I stared at the couch where the fibers were magnefied and began to ooze around themselves. Meanwhile, Jared was having a more intense trip. He was seeing colorful geometric shapes on the walls along with the characters in the tv turning into clouds. When things were darker and colder we started a fire in the fireplace, making the environment more tranquil and pleasant. There was a fake kitten next to the fireplace that has a little device in it to make it look like it's breathing and purring, although very creepy it also contributed to the tranquility of the house.

I was very cognative and lucid, which I remember being the same way last time but it was hard to focus last time amidst the chaos. Jared was also very cognative and able to function with ease. We probably would have been fine without a sitter, but I'm glad Josh was there. I think his presence and sobriety assisted with feeling safe and relaxed in our environment.

Once Hot Rod had ended we were hungry and ordered a pizza, it was my duty to answer the door and tip the delivery girl. It went pretty well. Also, we had been smoking weed periodically during our trip, which I think also made for a good trip. There's a possibility that the shrooms could have made me sick and was surpressed by the THC. But there's no way of really knowing. Around 10 pm or 11 pm I noticed the warm, cozy feeling starting to recess...My visuals were very light and didn't last for very long. However the body high seemed to stick with me for many hours, constantly being revived by the weed smoking.

I believe we left Jared's house around 12 am or 1 am, and Josh made me drive home. I was perfectly fine to drive, and he was "fucked up" from all of the smoking I guess. I was very elated all day and I did some texting to some friends while we were at Jared's house...It took a while to get out what I was thinking and get it sent out, but I was able to do it pretty easily.

When Josh and I were home, we smoked one more time and went to bed. It was a pretty amazing trip and turned me onto shrooms again with a more positive outlook. I immediately wanted to do them again the next day. I plan on doing them again this year, or at least have hopes to...And I will take the 2 grams this next time. The surroundings of the house and people were excellent and I couldn't have asked for a better situation. Maybe the 3 of us will go camping to do them again, be surrounded by nature. Perhaps Josh will also have some, taking a low dose to get a sweet taste of what I had this past time. He got to see that we weren't out of our minds and we were still very much in control.

Anyway, it was amazing and I hope to do them again soon with similar results. 

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