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First Trip on Shrooms

Everywhere you look, It's there

I've done shrooms a handfull of times since my first trip, but I don't think that any of them have been as strong of effect or as memorable as my first. This is that story.
My cousin Jason had called me up one day and asked if I wanted to do some shrooms because he just bought a 1/8. I've wanted to try shrooms for some time now and he knew that, so I was the first person that popped up in his mind when he bought them. I was kinda excited that he had some, but also nervous because I've never done anything like that before. So later that day I went over to his house. My other cousin, Cory, was hanging out there already. Jason threw a bag at me and it hit me in the chest. I cought the bag and looked at the mushrooms. I've never seen dried mushrooms so I was inspecting them for a little bit. Jason had also bought some opium and he showed us that. After a little while we decided to head back over to my appartment because I thoguht I would feel most comfortable tripping there and I wanted my girlfriend there to make sure I woudn't do anything stupid.
Jason never told Cory or myself that he planned on taking the mushrooms, that he had, by himself. He eventually told us that he was supposed to get a call from this guy that he gets them from and we would have to buy our own shrooms. So we sat in my living room, watching tv and waited around for a while. And a while longer. And then for a while after that. In the meantime, Jason started smoking his opium. Cory and myself kept on telling Jason to call his guy, but he kept on telling us "Just wait a little longer" or "He gets pissed when people call him. He'll call you". Eventually Jason passed out on the floor from smoking so much opium, but left his shrooms on the coffee table.
Cory and I started yelling at Jason to wake up. We even kicked him once in the side and he still didn't wake up.
We both knew what each other were thining. We would look at the bag, then at each other, then at Jason, and then at each other. I didn't want to do it at first because Jason would get PISSED. But he did call us up and get us excited for nothing and he never did try once to get ahold of his dealer, so we decided to eat his shrooms while he was passed out.
Cory had done shrooms a couple times before and he said that crushing them up and mixing them into yogurt was pretty good at covering up the taste. So we went across the street to the gas station to see if they had any yogurt but they didn't. I did pull some money out of the ATM to pay back Jason though. I wasn't going to take his shrooms and not pay him back for it.
So we ended up going to the local grocery store and picking out some yogurt for ourselfs.
When we got back to my appartment, Cory dumped out the shrooms on to a magazine and split them up evenly. We then shoved some money into the bag that the mushrooms were in and stuck it into his pocket. (I still think that was a dick move of us, but he kind of deserved it). We then opened our yogurt containers, crushed up our mushrooms and mixed it in.
My heart was beating kinda fast when I held the first spoonful up to my mouth. I was nervouse because, What it I started freaking out? Then I thought, "Now or Never" and started eating the mushroom yogurt. I didn't know what to think of the tast at first. Even though it was in yogurt, it still tasted pretty bad. And the texture reminded me of hardened boogers in snot. Bleh!
I stomached it A LOT better than my cousin, Cory. He was gagging every bite he took. And of course I started laughing at him. lol
Once we had finished the last bit of our mushroom/yogurt concoction I just sat there. Playing my part in the Waiting Game.
My appartment was pretty small. I mean VERY small. It was like a toy house, but it was very cheap and was in Campus Town and walking distance to my friend's house. I was sitting in my favorite chair, which was in the corner of the living room and Cory and my girlfriend were sitting on the couch (while Jason was still passed out on the floor). We were watching some movie on tv and that's when the shrooms started to kick in. It had only been 15 minutes since I took them. They started to kick in FAST.
The walls started to breath and I could see EVERY spot sticking out of the walls. I started to look around the room and the walls started to get smaller while we were all getting bigger. would move my arms around and watch the tracers. It seriously felt like we were in a toy house.
I I always wanted to watch Jim Henson's Labyrinth while I was tripping because I thought that it would be fun. It ended up scaring me. lol. I forgot that the movie would flash over to a scene of Goblins a few times in the beginning of the movie and I would have to turn my head. Then before the goblin king (David Bowie) shows up this horible music is playing and all of these goblins are popping in and out. It scared me pretty bad so we had to turn the tv off. lol
Cory was pissed because he hadn't felt a thing yet. He thought that maybe he gave me too much and he didn't have enough for him. 
I stood up out of my chair and started to walk around in my tiny appartment. I felt so heavy like gravity was 10X heavier than normal. Even though I felt so big, it felt like the weight of the world was trying to make me shorter. Whenever I was walking around all weird-like my phone started ringing and it was my friend Darin. I was severely contemplating if I should answer it or not. Eventually I said, "fuck it." and answered it. He said, "What's up man?" And I told him "I'M TRIPPING BALLS!!!"
He just laughed and said "Alright man. I'll go ahead and let you go. We'll be drinking at Jordan's if you want to stop over later."
By this point I started feeling really closterphobic in my tiny place and I just needed to go outside.
My girlfriend was started to get mad because she wanted to feel like I was feeling. She has been wanting to do shrooms too.
We all decided just to walk over to Jordan's house because it was a few blocks away. We tried to wake up Jason, but he wouldn't nudge so we left him a note.
I really felt like I was going on an adventure, or a trip you might say. Just going down the stairs to go outside was fun because I was excited just to see what the world is like on shrooms. And it is indeed very different. There are so many colors that you don't notice. There are so many sounds that are unheard. When we walked outside it was totally euphoric. It was like I was being born into a world that has no hate, no greed, no evil, just love, life, and the present. Breathing the cool night summer air was like breathing my first breath. Looking at the stars was as if it was the first time I've ever seen such beauty. This is how life was supposed to be. All of these feeling just came to me in only moments.
As Cory and Cindi (my girlfriend) started to walk off. I kinda snapped back into reality for a sec and ran to catch up. We were taking shortcuts through parking lots and alleys (there's a lot of apartments in that area). While we were walking I started asking a lot of stupid questions (they were legit at the time, but looking back now, lol). I remember asking them, "Are we walking on a hill? Because it feels like we are walking down a hill." Or I would say things like, "Cindi, Look at the Colors!!! I've never seen so many colors!!!" "Oh my god it feels like I'm in Mario!" "Have you ever noticed all of the sounds in the air?" All the while Cindi was getting pissed off because I was getting annoying and she was jealous. Cory was getting mad because he hadn't felt anything yet and he thought that nobody liked him over at Jordan's.
As we were getting closer to my friend's house I started getting scared of how they would act toward me. I didn't want them to know I was tripping hard, but I felt like I should tell them so that they would know why I was acting so weird. Cory just told me that nobody needs to know and that I should calm down. Foot by foot we were getting closer to the front porch. I could hear music and people talking and laughing inside. I stopped and stood in the front yard for a minute contemplaing going inside or just walk back to the house. It felt like eveyone would hate me for what I was doing. Cory and Cindi practically had to drag me up the stairs to the front door. Cindi walked in, but I waited outside on the porch for a minute.
Every minute I started tripping harder and harder. I started to see kaleidoscopes and everything looked like those 3D pictures that you need the red and blue glasses to make it 3D but you don't have them so now you just have a red and blue picture that's all out of focus. It was awsome. I started looking around. One of the coolest things I saw that night was across the street. There was a Tree right next to a street light. The wind was blowing the leaves lightlyt. And that looked fucking awsome. I really cant explain it.
Eventually I got the courage to go inside and say hi. It was a few of my friends so why should I be scared.
I walked in the house, past the living room because nobody was in there, into the kichen (which was extreamly bright) and into the dining room where there was like 12 people sitting around their table playing a drinking game. They all Cheared my name as I walked into the room and my friend Andy asked me how I was doing. I said bluntly "I'm Tripping Balls!!" a lot louder than I thought I was going to say it. "I took some mushrooms"
Then everyone was looking at me. And it got Very uncomfortable so I grabbed a beer and had to go back outside on the porch.
Cory followed me because he now felt uncomforable. He was finally starting to trip also.
The mushrooms had to have hit him hard like it did me because he was started to act as goofy as I was.
We were looking around just taking it all in. I was trying to explain how everything was for me but this is all that came out.
"Everywhere you look, It's there." And that phrase stuck with us the entire night. What I meant was that everywhere you looked, something different was happening. The world was alive and everything was so different than each other. The trees were blowing in the breeze. There was a far off flashing of lighning that I could only see beyond this house for the longest time. The stars were shining so brightly. And the clouds that were in the sky looked so bright because of the city lights and they looked so close to us. Just barely out of reach.
We were wakling around on the porch for the majority of the trip just talking about everything and how it made sense to the world. I had my hand on one of the support beams for the longest time and apparently my hand was sweating. I must have been sweating a lot because I felt wet. Everything felt so wet. But expecially me and that one spot on the post. We kept on feeling all around the post and we couldn't figure out why the rest of the post was dry and that spot was so wet. Just saying the word "wet" made me feel wet. I was fixated that word for a while.
For litle while we thought that it was dawn because we could see this light shining on the next house, but it was really dark everywhere else. We were really stumped for the longest time until we realized that it was the light coming out of the kitchen window shining on the neighbor's house. lol
We would get Cindi go get us beers from inside. We would drink only half of them and ask for another. Sometimes beer would just show up because we didn't remember Cindi coming out and bringing us some.
We decided to venture off into the yard for a while because we didn't like the spot we were in. We went to the spot of the front yard where I was contemplating leaving, but that felt like a bad spot. So we ventured over the the side of the house where we saw the light shining in the side of the neighbor's house. We kept on moving away from each other, but needed to be close to each other. No matter where we were at, it didn't feel right. So we just made our way back to the porch.
All of sudden my favorite song comes on the radio.
Pink Floyd's Compfortably Numb.
It sounded the best it has ever sounded while I was on shrooms. And the song felt like it lasted 20 minutes because we had no sense of time.
After that song another one of my favorites came on.
Teenage Wasteland by The Who.
Then we thought that they were just playing these songs because we were tripping. It really sounded like they were listening in on us, waiting for us to talk. Because every time we did talk they would laugh inside. Or that's how it seemed. So what we did was slowly crawl up to the front window that was open and slowly peek inside. When we thoght that someone had spotted us we would pull our heads away really fast and say things like "oh shit, they saw us" "They know. I don't want them to know, but they know" and then we would do it all over again.
If anyone has listened ot Teenage Wasteland they know that the end of the song gets really fast and then just stops. This was really freaking us out. We really thought something bad was going to happen when the music stopped. And it almost did.
We looked inside to see what everyone was doing and everyone was getting up to have a smoke outside on the porch. We didn't know what to do. Should we run? Should we try to act normal? What do we do? Oh God?! Then everyone just sat back down. We still don't know why they sat back down.
Eventually they did come out for a smoke and that was frightful and awkward. People tried to talk to us but it was very hard to keep a conversation. I really felt retarded because I couldn't understand what people were asking me so I kept on saying "What?" What?" What?" And then finally comprehend what they were trying to say. Some people tried to talk to us in a child like way so that maybe we would understand them, but we told them that they were stupid. lol
Eventually we ventured inside while everyone was outside. The kitchen was a blast. It was so bright compared to outside (of course). It felt like we were in heaven's kitchen. The tile in the floor was fucking sweet because it kept on morphing into different disigns and shapes. And the cupboards kept on changing sizes. Eventually the stove ended up scaring Cory a little bit and everone was coming back in so we dicided to go back outside. This time we wanted to see what it was like behind the house. It was sweet.
We could be back there all by ourselfs without anyone to bother us, Just taking in nature. We were actually contemplating leaving because we wanted to go on an adventure, but we decided against it so nobody would freak out and wonder where we wondered off to. The sky looked amazing still. Half the sky was dark because of an incoming storm while the other side was still shining bright with stars and lit up clouds from the light of the city. Every once in a while someone would come back and check on us and bring us a beer. When everyone was drunk off of their asses it was a lot easier to talk to them because they were not sober. It was like sober people were the bad guys and the intoxicated people, whether it was alcohol or shrooms, were the good guys. It felt like we had a secret that we didn't want people to know, but everyone knew about it. Lots of strange thinking going on our heads.
Some time durring our trip in the back yard a ratcoon was making a lot of noise in a tree 20 feet from us and eventually crawled down it. It started to walk toward us until I started to run away. Cory wanted it to come us to us because he felt like it had to tell us something, but I knew that they are mean and carry rabies. Pretty much right after that the storm really started coming in and the wind was getting pretty strong. It was frightful but fun. We really wanted it to rain on us but it didn't. Eventually everyone got shitfaced and left. We were starting to come down from our trip also so we decided to walk back home. By this time it was starting to be daylight out.
When we got to my apartment. Jason was on the couch. We thought he was asleep but he wasn't. I was sitting in my chair and I still felt very light. Like I was flying and now I'm slowly coming down to land. Jason started to get pissed off at Cory so I acted like I was tired and went to bed. I eventually fell asleep, but I had some wicked dreams. lol
And that's it for my first trip from what I can remember. An awsome time that I'll never forget.

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