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1st time on lsd

not what i had expected...

on new years of 08-09 i was not sure where to go or what to do. after much persuasion i go o a friends place and get my drink on.. later in the night im offerd some acid and decide i dont want to be the only one left out so.. i drop.

now ive done mushrooms lot  and i have heard that lsd is way more of a trip that 'shrooms so i was expecting flying elephants and general mind fuckery but how it went was as fallows,

i started to get high about 20 mins after i took the paper, the high was like anyother high i had but a little more paranoyed  i spent the whole of the high thiking everyone was out to get me and how to get them before they got me... i got headach's and shaking, generaly didint have a good time and for visuals ... i think at one point i saw the some tracers and blurred lines in corners...

needless to say i was not satisfyed and am kinda regreting doing it.... horable trip and now i cant be a pilot <i have no desire to be one but still would eb nice to have the option>

so booo lsd and ya shrooms...
the tearableness of that trip has just reinforced my love of that glorious fungi of the psyliscybe variety.


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