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Big Mistake but Fun

This was to be my third time doing shroomies and it was weeks in the planning and the day was turning out great.

This was to be my third time doing shroomies and it was weeks in the planning and the day was turning out great. It was my brother's birthday and there was to be a party and many people and lots of people tripping and the weather was perfect. The problem was, my friend I and started a little too early.

I arrived at my friend's house, J, mid-afternoon so my girlfriend, T, (J's sister) could get ready for the party. While I was there J suggested dropping some left-over shrooms he had in a baggie from the night before. What was in the bag looked harmless, it was mostly "shroom-dust" and a few stems, so I thought what the hell it wont do any harm. I went downstairs and grabbed myself a banana and poured the shroom dust on the banana and popped the stems in my mouth.

I went downstairs and started to cook dinner for my friend's sister before we were about to leave in about 20 minutes. Just as I dished up her food and we were about to leave I started to feel extremely wobbly, I hurriedly threw on my jacket and hurried T into the car because I needed to get home FAST before I started tripping too hard.

On the drive to my house I started to feel really weird, everything T said was so funny I just burst out laughing. The headlights on all the cars seemed extremely bright and had really cool auras on them. At this point I was really enjoying what I was seeing because I had never seen such intense visuals before.

We arrived at my house safe and sound and I told T to go inside to get my brother, M, to come outside so I could talk to him about my trip. This is where things start to go downhill.

While I was waiting I sat down on the curb on the side of my driveway. I started to stare at some sand on the driveway and it started to turn into quicksand and melted away the asphalt to create a huge hole in the driveway. My brother came outside with his girlfriend and starts shouting at me that i'm supposed to be going out to pick up get the chicken we ordered because the delivery driver's car broke down.

I started to panic, I was in no state to drive. The only person who was able to drive at this point was my brother, who is only 17 and doesn't even have his learners permit yet. It was still light out so I threw him the keys because I had let him drive before and knew he was pretty good. We got back with the chicken safely but at this point I was completely gone and at the WORST possible time ever. I found out when I got inside that my grandma had come over for dinner and 4 of my brother's friends who also knew I was tripping were there.

I ran upstairs to the bathroom and started freaking out, there was no way I could go down there and start eating dinner. I looked in the mirror and I looked completely demented and my pupils were doing somersaults. I quickly called for T to come upstairs and help me out. She tried calming me down and it worked a little bit, but there was no way I was getting out of eating dinner, I had to go downstairs and try.

I went downstairs and started to try to eat, I got halfway through a piece of chicken when I forgot how to swallow, bad sign. I am the worlds lover of chicken and I always eat a shitload of it when its around and all I could finish off was half a piece. I'm sure my father knew something was up, but he never said anything. Throughout the whole dinner my brother's friends were staring at me and I almost broke out into histerical laughter on a few occasions but caught myself and excused myself to go get a kleenex (I faked having a cold).

After the dinner I started coming down off the trip which sucked because everyone started to get together to start the party and I was coming down off DeathTrip 2000. Everyone pitched in their money and we ended up grabbing an ounce of shroomies and a half ounce of weed. We went to T and J's house and ended up in the garage smoking mad spliffs for the rest of the night.

I learned one major thing from this experience, before you trip, even if its a low dose, make sure you dont have ANY plans for at least 8 hours or you're in for an interesting day.

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