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Chocolates, Lemon Juice and some Green

Excellenet Adventure

So last night was my second time tripping on mushrooms. Let me first explain that this is the second time my friend and I have eaten these chocolates, which are supposedly equivilent to an eighth. The first time we ate them my trip was nowhere near as intense as I had hoped it would be. I expirienced some cool visuals (breathing plants, changing pictures in an art book, a beautiful shadowly light cut-out design dancing on the carpet), but just pretty much felt mildly stoned the whole time (about 3 and a half hours), whereas my friend was tripping in her own little world. Not  to mention two other friends had eaten the chocolates the night before and tripped pretty hard as well. I had a great time but I was a little disapointed that my trip was so subtle. We avoided smoking pot because it was our first time and...well, I'm really not sure why we did cuz we both smoke a good amount of pot.

ANYWAYS, so last night we tried again, the same chocolates, an eighth each. (i had wanted to get more but this was the best we could do, another connection had fallen through, and mushrooms are very hard to find around here right now) So I had been reading up on the lemon tek method and was quite pleased with the feedback, feeling confident it would intensify my trip. Then I realized my source to more mushrooms had fallen through and we were left with the chocolates, so we ate the chocolates and washed them down with some fresh squeezed lemon juice. We were just sitting in my room, waiting for it to come on, feeling warm, fuzzy, giggly, naseaus, stoned.  *Note: I have also been fasting for four days for health reasons (maybe subconciously mushrooms as well...so I'm sure that should be taken into account). They began to take effect for my friend about an hour in, and she was pointing out my blanket and other things moving which I did not see. I started to worry that this was going to be a repeat of last time and i would miss out on the trip, but I was staring at my hands and they were changing colors...in this really subtle way. Like they were still realistic shades of hands, but it was just ...interesting, sort of a greenish tint too. Then I was just staring at my hands for a really long time, looking at my veins, my insides, the lines in my palms and skin. I really saw my skin for like...what it was...i could see barely through it...its not the same as when I look at my hands as I type this (obviously :) I also focused on the woodin my room and was starting to see pictures...some changes. About an hour and twenty minutes or so in I decided we should smoke (just going off how long the last trip lasted wth these same chocolates) so we did...and at first we both kinda forgot we were shroomin, but eventually the trip really took off. We were staring at Brandon Boyd art books (White Fluffy Clouds and From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss) for....I have no idea how long. This picture of this distant beach with a good amount of the page just in-focus water. The water was moving and there were all sorts of pictures in it. Many other picture changes. I saw some pretty crazy images in the wood on my door and actually had to step away cuz I was seeing weiiirddd creepy stuff. Then I just told myself I control whether its a good trip or not, and I was fine. I saw the same light cutout moving pattern in the carpet, but I was still not tripping the way I wanted to. I told myself  'remember, youre on mushrooms. you are tripping" and it seemed to really help things come on (maybe it was perfect timing, but i do believe a lot of it has to do with mind control)  At one point my whole room was just....moving/dancing. We were very giggly and happy the whole time, going in and out of nonsense/sense conversations. I also just felt unexplainably happy. I was just happy with everything, my life, my blessings, the trip, the good smelling candles, my fluffy bed and heated blanket. I definitly think we should have waited another half hour or so to smoke, it was definitly not timed to when we peaked, so that kinda sucks but it was a great trip nontheless. I also very much enjoyed laying in my bed with my eyes closed...there were some great closed eye visuals. When we started to come down I had just a whole body high (which I think is partly due to the fasting and that i did yoga earlier) and my arms just felt GREAT i couldn't stop moving them around. My body felt pretty good last time I ate mushrooms as well. We were just chillin, talkin, laughin, relaxing. We made the mistake of recording ourselves talking a bit after we started to come down...and when we watched/listened to the video, it really didn't explain the expirience at all and just made us look kind of stupid and I do not think mushrooms are the kind of drug where you sit there and...allow yourself to be stupid, its so much more than that.

I feel like fasting and smoking really made this trip so much different/more intense than last time. It was funny because we both were just like "this is so much different than last time". The lemon juice may have had something to do with it as well, although I feel I cant really be sure since I drank it with chocolate shrooms. Overall a great trip, fun adventure, and I definitly connected with my friend on another level. I cant wait to try mushrooms again, and I am eager to try non-chocolates and trip outdoors!

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