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tripped out

Well it all started on Friday night.

Well it all started on Friday night. I had been waiting to for this trip for a while now. I had originally decided that I was going to go for a high level trip, but decided to share what I had with a friend that came down that night lets call him Jay and was looking for a good time. I had about 4 grams that I had bought from a friend and another 4 grams that I grew myself. I knew how good my shrooms were so I let Jay have those and I tried out the ones that I had bought. We went to my house to round up the mushies. Jay ate one fresh one while we were there and took the rest with us. We bought a candy bar to eat with our mushies and went to another friends house to eat them. We ate them at about 7:30, then decided that we needed something to drink before we started tripping. We went to the store then came back and parked in the alley and smoked about 3 bowls. We both started to feel the effects as we finished bowl #3. As we were walking up to the house I noticed that the street lights had that weird glow that you get while on shrooms. I could see every blade of grass in the yard in incredible detail. I knew I was in for a good night. About 30 minutes later, Jay lost it. He was curled up in a ball in the corner of one of my friends beds laughing uncontrollably. He continued this for about an hour or more. He couldn't even talk to anyone. I was having a great time. Everything I looked at started moving and morphing. I then realized that I could predict what would happen before it did. I could predict which way the trees would move and morph. Then it would happen. Kinda hard to explain. I don't really remember a lot after that until I started to come down. I had this weird feiling after I came down. I felt so good and so relaxed. It was a great feeling. We just sat around and smoked bowls and talked about our experiences. I even felt like getting drunk afterwards. It was weird. We tripped so hard and then the shrooms let us down so easy that we felt like getting fucked up again. Jay apologized for going crazy earlier in the night. He said that he just completely lost his mind. We just sat around and drank beer the rest of the night. It was great.

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