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tripping out driving/trippy fireworks


 Im a 17 year old guy from California that smokes weed pretty regularly, but havent smoked for that long. Ive probably a little longer than year.

My story takes place July 3rd when i decided i was going to go smoke with these girls that i knew, i had no clue what i was in for. I picked up the first girl A.. who needed me to drive her to meet up with this twacked out drug dealer we both didn know but heard a lot about. He was 27 and just straighted fucked up in the head from drugs so we were uneasy both being 16 at the time and not being as wise as we are today. we met him in a parking lot by safeway and some other stores including a liquor store. he finally arrived and started to hit on the girl A.. explaining how he lived on the same street as her and should hang out sometime... he even proceeded to tell her how great her breasts looked. She was very creeped ot at this point and wanted to get done with bussiness quickly... we bought an 1/8 and the dealer went into the liquor store and bought the girl some cheap vodka, then we quickly left to pick up the other girl.

After picking up the girl M.... we went to the other girls house to use her new bong that she was excited to show me. by the time we started to smoke it was around 5 pm and by 6pm the three of us smoked the whole 1/8. At this time i had the usual symptoms of being high: giggly, hungry, and lazy. I had other plans to go to a firework show for the fourth of july that nite at 7pm so i left the girls i was with around 6:50 pm and started to drive toward the fairgrounds which was literaly 10 minutes away. I took a very windy one lane road with tree everywhere and sharp turns. I then came up to the end of this swervy road which is about a 500 yard downhill drive encased in a tunnel of trees with light shinning through the branches.

At this time i realized how high i actually was. the whole 7 minutes driving before this felt like 20 minutes. As i continued down this hill there was the exact same car infront of me(i didnt realize there was a car infront of me until my trip ended) that i was following behind going a safe speed of about 30 Mph in a 35 Mph zone. Everything at this time started to go into slowmotion i fealt like i was in an endless warp hole of driving downhill this tunnel of trees. I was starteing to worrying cause i couldnt tell if i was actually moving any distance at all. My brain was frozen in time and i subconciously noticed the car infront of me and in my head i thought that i should  have been where the car infront of me was. My brain was in panic mode and i was braking down the hill and the car infront of me stopped at the red light at the end of the hill and at the same time i stopped in the middle of the road 100 feet back. Its hard to explain but I literally believed i was the car infront of me (this was my first out of body experience). While i was drivign down the hill since i thought i should have been in the place where the other car was i beleived i was in 3rd person kinda like Grand Theft auto driving the car infront of me. While i was driving the car infront of me with my mind, i fealt like i was in a camera biew  zooming and zooming out of the car into the trees; then the idea of me dying and flying to heaven came into my head then i froze and thats when i stopped in the middle of the road. All of this was just 20 secodns of driving but it felt like 10 minutes.

After this trip i was too scared to drive so i then stopped at the closest place i could find which luckily for me was taco bell. I bought some grub of course and it fealt like everyone in the building was staring at me as i ordered. I got my food and retreated to my car and ate all the contents in the bag; in a way the food healed me from my fear from earlier. it was now around 7:30pm and i was late to the firework show. i quickly drove there and had a horrible time finding a parking spot. when i got to the line i ran into my indian fiend from biology and i chated with him for a bit then we entered the fair grounds. I departed with him and went on an impossible search for my friends. There was literaly 10,000 people there on a huge ass field. As i giggled and hobbled my way over people i met with my friend at a huge tree and continued to follow her to the group. The fireworks didnt start for anothe hour so we just chatted and  i was the only fucked up person in the group so they just thought i was retarded.

When the fireworks finally started it was amazing! The fireworks would sprint into the clear black night and explode into thousands of sparks of all beautiful colors. After each firework i would go "WOWW" which eventually annoyed the people i was around. One great thing about watching fireworks while being baked is all u have to do is sit there and chill and watch the great visuals... everytime there was a firework explosion i would see it in the air shine then 3 seconds later i could hear and FEEL the explosion in my chest. This of corse is due to the fact light travels faster than sound. The fireworks shot for days and it was perfect evening even with my trip earlier.

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