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Fun Filled Night With Psychedelics


During the past summer I really had gotten into psychedelic drugs, I found them to be the most fascinating and the idea that I would see something that wasnt really there idea intrigued me to no end. After careful research I decided I was interested enough to learn to find shrooms in my pasture in order to start my psychedelic experience. As the summer progressed I learned how to hunt for mushrooms successfully and safely (Thanks to this site! THANK YOU). However, nothing would prepare me for the night I was about to have one Friday...

I had just gotten off classes for the day and had just taken a really big exam which I studied my butt off for, so I was looking forward to a fun, stress relieving night. I dropped my stuff off in my room and collapsed on my bed and had just started to plan in my mind what would be the best way to celebrate this Friday when I all of a sudden just got a text..."Dude..I just got a hit of some good ass acid for both of us! You in???"

Holy sh**! I had been researching LSD for bout a couple weeks now and I had expressed my interest to my best friend that I was interested in it too. "Lets do it"was my response. My friend texted back that it would be a couple hours before we could pick it up so we decided to pass the time by going on our first real mushroom hunt in the pasture by my house (which was close to the college).

Wasting no time we march out into the field and start our hunt. 20 minutes in we start to get frustrated because we hadnt found anything yet. This continued for a bit longer until a flash of fungus caught my eye...A cube!!!! It was unmistakable, there in the ground was our treasure! We picked it, cheered and celebrated at our first shroom success. Our high spirits was rewarded even more with 3 more cubes shortly after. Things were looking good!

We were determined to keep looking for more when my friend got the call that it was time to pick up our acid. We were having so much fun and were so excited we almost forgot! We gather our 4 cubes and head off. After picking up our two hits of acid (one for each) we start to drive back to my friends house, on the way decide to go ahead n eat our two cubes since we know itll probably take at least 30 minutes to kick in anyways and my friends house is only 5 minutes away. Gobbling up our finds, I took my first step into what was about to be a mind blowing night...

We finally arrived at my friends house and, like a kid that got a new toy, quickly brought everything that we would need for the night inside. We were so excited the first thing we did when we got inside was look at each other and take out our sugar cube which contained pure LSD gloriousness. We both happily took our hit, after eating two cubes only 10 minutes prior, securing the experience that was about to begin that night...

We chilled outside and chain smoked for a good 20 minutes...The mushrooms would soon be starting to kick in for us and so we decided to ease our nerves/anticipation and put ourselves in a good mood by rolling up a nice fat blunt of fire. After smoking that heavenly thing down to the face we concluded that since were past the point of no return, we might as well celebrate with a drink...or two...or three..etc... That is when the jack Daniels came out my friend..the biggest bottle I have ever seen.  We started our amazing succession of shots. After we killed almost 3/4 of the bottle in 20 minutes we looked at each other, smiled, and burst out laughing as we grasped at the fact of how fuck*ed up were going to be (And already were, considering we were quite blazed and drunk now lol).

My laughter very quickly began to subside...I began to feel things I never felt before...was this the mushrooms or the LSD..I had no clue but I rushed to the mirror to look at my eyes. Sure enough all you could see was pupil...no iris. Holy fu*k was all I could say...my friend came and his was the same. I went outside to have a cigarette,  the transition to tripping for my first time was starting out pretty rough. It literally felt like my head was being dunked into an unknown psychedelic world that I now was doubting I was prepared for...whether or not I was it was too late to go back, all I could do now was keep a good mood and hope for a good trip.

50 Minutes had passed since we had taken the acid, I definitely felt like I was full on tripping, the new sensation that I had felt in my brain now felt like it was traveling down neck and to the rest of body... branching itself out through every vein, nerve, and artery that I had. As I felt it rush over the remaining parts of my body  I knew the transition was complete...my friend and I become silent and begin  zoning off like zombies.

I lazily look down at my Tool shirt, which had many eyes on them, to my extreme surprise I noticed that the eyes on my shirt had sprung to life...the iris began looking around...I watched in amazement...was this really happening??? The eyes eventually settled on mine...their iris turning rainbow colors...they were sucking me in. My psychedelic trance was only broken when my friend decided to turn on some music, which was an amazing idea. The sound surrounded me, I could feel it on my skin...I close my eyes...I focus on the beat and the melody...as I close my eyes I am caught off guard to find that the eyes on my shirt are in my mind...rainbow colored...then slowly melt into a rainbow puddle which then dances to the sound of the music.

The experiences I was feeling were incredible...I was feeling sound, I was seeing sound, I was hearing colors. I sharply inhale..it felt like I hadnt breathed in forever...something feels weird...I breath again. Something feels like its in my mouth, as I breathed in a third time I realized I could feel the air in my mouth like some mailable substance, I began playing around and realized that it felt like I could chew air like it was gum, it was amazing! I probably entertained myself like this for about an hour.

I was so distracted by all these new psychedelic experiences I had forgotten about my friend and got a little worried so I looked, more like stumbled, around for him around the house. I found him in his room, on his bed just staring at his bed covers. Concerned  , I asked if he was OK, all he said was "Look", implying the bedsheets. I looked down and to my amazement literally saw the designs on the bedsheets start to move around in circles. I just stood there...staring just like him, now joined in his trip.

After 15 minutes of standing there tripping out I snap out of it and tell him we should have a cigarette. He agrees so we go outside, making myself a mix drink in the process. My friend lights his cigarette (failing twice since his depth perception was way off),  after a few chuckles he offers his lighter to me, unsuspectingly I go to take it from him...only to see my hand ghost through his...we looked at each other..our eyes told us we both saw the same thing. I tried again, same thing happens. I watched as my hand slowly glided through his...like the atoms in my hand disassembled themselves and reformed themselves. After two more tries we agreed that he should just put the lighter on the floor so I could pick it up since handing it to me wasnt working out.

After we finish smoking we go back inside and finish off the jack Daniels. Our trip was still going strong after 3 /- hours. We decided it'd be a good idea to keep up the good vibe by rolling a J which I did (VERY hard to do when in this state lol). We again smoked and happily laughed and giggled.

I concluded to myself at that point that I probably reached my peak....boy was i mistaken on that lol...I collapse my ass on the couch and enjoy zoning out again when all of a sudden it hits me...A new massive psychedelic blast just unexpectedly flooded over me. It was like as if you were standing on a beach with your back to the water, oblivious to everything, only to have the biggest tidal wave collapse on you.

Reached my peak? HA! I realized this was going to be my peak. After this new flood of feelings I felt a warm glow deep inside me...it was soothing...euphoric... and I began to concentrate on it. This little warm ball of euphoria began to slowly spread through my whole body...it filled me with such euphoria to the point of tears. I lifted my head up as this feeling continued...as I sat there I felt like my body was being lifted up, even though I wasnt moving. This feeling increased until finally it felt like I had ascended to a new level...for a split second I couldnt feel myself..all I felt was pure bliss, a feeling that I now can only dream about.

Shortly after the feelings began to subside, I had been on that couch for a good hour and a half. My friend must have invited some people now because more people were in the house and so i began to socialize with them. The feelings began to subside pretty dramatically , after a while we agreed that it was probably time to pass out. We made our way to a couch or bed and laid our heads and slept better then anyone  in the world.

That is my first psychedelic experience. And it was quite an amazing one at that.

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