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Crazy First Trip

Me and my stoner friend Andrew were visiting a friend (Nathan) up in a town called Newmarket, Ontario.

Me and my stoner friend Andrew were visiting a friend (Nathan) up in a town called Newmarket, Ontario. We had about a half ounce of shrooms that we had just picked up the other day. During the afternoon, we decided to munch on the mushrooms in a mall with some food. Nathan had about two grams, while me and andrew had six each.

For an hour, I kepted bitching about the shrooms not kicking in. I had never been hallucinating on shrooms before, and I was really looking forward to it. We walked around town, hoping for the shrooms to take effect sometime soon. Nathan came up with the idea that we should try to break into an abandonned movie theatre. We headed in that direction, this is when the high started kicking in.

I could feel a huge body rush, all three of us were stopping at a convience store. I just stood outside and laughed at everything. This world was sooo stupid. I saw a tree, and it started sending thoughts into my mind in some language i didn't quite recongnize. "Language makes no sense" I concluded. All three of us sat outside the store after they were done buying stuff. We kept laughing at our surrondings for some reason. Then we continued on our way to the theatre.

We got too confused, and lost our way. Screw the theatre, we decided to head to a lake instead. There was only one problem. Nathan was warning us about a police station next to the lake, so we had to act really normal since I had tons of evidence in my pocket.

Before we got to the lake, I was facinated with all the visuals i saw for the first time. There were little people walking on the ground, and my hand turned into a green snake. Andrew couldnt stop talking at this point. He said that the answer to everything was a mushroom.
Cars rushed past us constantly at high speed. I realized then that the cars were evil. Every car i saw was trying to run us over, or honked at us.

Passing by the police station, I saw a lot of cop cars drive by. They looked like they were coming after us, but we were just trippin. At the lake, I could see people all around from all directions, but they were hallucinations cause i could see right through them.

After getting some food at a donut shop, which looked really odd to my eyes, since the walls were waving and nothing looked the same. I saw little fireworks in the sky, which didnt really exist.

We went back to Nathan's house, chilled there for a bit, and then Andrew ran out of the house, and started going crazy on the street. After we found him again, we were pretty tired, but I was still tripping. We slept through the high, and i woke up, disappointed that the high was over.

Next time, i hope to reach a level 5 trip.

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