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The Power of Thought

3.5g of some very potent mushrooms...

Last night I was able to try out those mushrooms I received on Friday and all I have to say is these are the most potent shrooms I have ever consumed.

I got to my friends house at around 9:30 and we consumed them on pizza at around 10:00. Each of us had an eighth to eat and right after finishing my pizza I felt the amazing burst of energy I always get when coming up on shrooms.

We chilled for a little and played super smash bros while waiting to come up. After waiting a bit we noticed our pupils were as large as quarters just completely engulfing our eyes.

We figured we were starting our peak and we had about 2 grams of trainwreck I had from last weekend as well. I rolled a joint and as hard as it was at the time I still managed to roll quite a nice one. We also had my boy's bong out and packed a fat bowl for after the joint.

We go chill outside to blaze and what not and in between smoking the joint I walked outside to see the moon and the stars. The moon had a huge halo around it almost like it's aura and staring at the stars was nothing short of amazing. Focusing on them just caused the moon to flash. the branches of trees to sway, and the stars to go blurry and make trails.

After that short epiphany I had I returned to the spot to hit the bong. This has to be one of the nicest bongs I have ever ripped. The bowl stays lit for what seems like forever and all of us are taking fat snaps since we can't even feel the hits. After ripping the bong we smoked a stoge then when back inside.

We came inside and sat on a couch by the fireplace. I just remember sitting on the couch staring at the ceiling and the more I stared I started to see different bubble letters of the alphabet, all colored in a variety of different colors. It was quite amazing and the euphoria I felt from just doing this was incredible. The letters eventually began to pop out at me until my friend interrupted me out of the trance.

After that we went into my friend's room and tried to use his laptop to watch family guy on it. I put this thing on my lap and it felt so alien like. I completely forgot how to use this simple piece of technology today. I couldn't believe it, it's just like I lost like 10 years of my life. Even making words out was extremely tough on our part.

Since we couldn't figure the laptop out for the life of us we decided to go smoke a stoge. All was well and then my friend couldn't find his pack. It was no where to be found and we just couldn't manage to find them.

We all thought we were tripping extremely hard and didn't really want to smoke again being afraid that it would be too intense. We got a call from a kid we know from school and tell them to come through. I have no idea why this was decided and it was kind of a mistake on our part. This kid came with 3 other kids who we really haven't seen in a long ass time and it kind of just make a very awkward social situation. We were so gone from reality and didn't know how to handle the situation at all. It just felt like time was soooo dilated and the moment was lasting forever, we just needed something to do.

We also found out from them that another kid we know got into a little fight with like 3 other kids who got in his face. A couple fists were thrown but the kid eventually left so nothing major. I thought this was crazy because the last time I split an eighth with my friend the same kid got punched in the face and we heard this in the middle of our trip as well....pretty fuckin' crazy and weird as hell to us at the time.

Eventually they ended up leaving and for some reason we decided to try to fall asleep. At this point I popped my headphones in and found the most orgasmic, comfortable blanket ever. I wrapped myself in the blanket and it literally felt like I was wrapped in an infinite warmth and protection from this blanket. The music helped my trip out tremendously. Just listening to animal collective, sts9, and some other sick beats sounded so great and the CEVs they produced. Also while listening to music I was just focusing on my third eye and thinking some deep thoughts. I realized how powerful a thought is and how your control everything with just your mind. This was an amazing incident because I could pretty much do anything I thought of. I have to try more on this in my own time because I would love to experiment with synaesthesia and psychic abilities, etc.

I also realized the beauty of how mushrooms are on our planet brought to us by the love of our fellow universal bretheren. I was tearing because of the beauty of life and how great it is to be alive. This was one of the most significant moments of my trip.

At this time I noticed my good friend, who it happened to be his birthday, was going through a real tough time. I tried my best to help him out but I just couldn't make words out for anything I don't know what it was. I even let him use my ipod so he could settle down but it just didn't work for him. I guess it was just a little too much for him but he's okay now. He ended up going home and having a better trip because he felt more comfortable at home.

After he left we decided to just ride the rest out. From here we just talked about what had happened during our tripped and continued to rip the bong and finish the night off watching family guy and fall asleep listening to music.

Overall, this has been the most amazing trip I have yet to experience and I am glad I got to see how bad trips can happen. I am extremely proud that I was able to handle it from getting out of control. This makes me confident that I will be comfortable with higher doses and lsd for sure.

My friend and I realized it would have been better if we tripped at my house because here is a place we are 100% comfortable with and we wouldn't of had any unexpected interruptions from the outside.

I am planning on tripping again Tuesday splitting an eighth with someone. I plan to experiment on a more spiritual trip and travel deep into my mind.

The power of mushrooms is incredible and I am extremely grateful to be able to take these sacred gifts on this planet today.

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