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99% pure took .1g capsule

this is something that was rare and unpredictable.i met this dj through some friends that were getting some smoke from me,and this guy had no loot and needed to get back to where he was going.so he wanted to trade out the amt for some smoke to save his loot.i took the trade and it was something ill never regret.i traded a 20 bag of swag for maybe a gram of amt divided already into 10 capsules.i ate one capsule the first night on a sunday at 10 pm.i proceeded to assume it was fake after 1 1/2 hours(like all good things they take time)of waiting and absolutely nothing happening.then thats when it happened,i closed my eyes and was in a whole nother world.it was like some cheesy 3-d grid in an old flight simulator,green lines on a black surface,the green lines making the latitude and longitude of the terrain and outlining mountains and other land masses as well.so as i am flying through this world i notice a have the power to shoot beams out of my palms and proceed to blow up the mountains and other various terrain about this unlikely world for about 2 hours.after the initial 2 1/2 hours of laying on my couch trippin balls i come to and decide to walk to the laundry mat a block down and get a drink.at this time of course only the homeless are on the city streets,so once i acquired the soda from the machine i exit the building and there is a homeless man just chillin and i nod and say "whats good?" and sip from my drink.at that very instant it just starts pouring down rain out of nowhere and i look up at the street lights just to witness every single rain drop in slow motion as its falling through the visible light,and when i say every single drop i mean it.there is no way possible without the use of this drug that my eyes could slow down and with in depth precision acknowledge every drop in my field of vision.but they did.needless to say i ended up having the randomest conversation about religion,politics,drugs,and everything in between with this homeless guy for about an hour stuck in the rain.so i get back around 5 am,and i must be up for work in the morning,yes assuming the drug wouldnt last this long i didnt fear.but here it is now at 10 am(forgive the massive misplacing of time as i just sat around and had extreme CEV's in this time frame as the OEV's had died down)and the people i got the shit from the night before are now at my house wondering what i thought of the shit.so i hang with them for a little while and eventually its time for work.3 pm work time,i go into work with a horrible attitude.the OEV's are down to everything breathing and my CEV's are still pretty intense.i worked in a beer distribution plant at the time so all the cans and bottles i was packing were of course fluxuating which didnt help in my ability to package them.i made it through the day with no interuptions and ended up having a pretty nice trip overall.the trip total was about 23 hours before i finally settled down to sleep at about 9:30 pm that evening.i highly recommend anyone with enough exp. in hallucinagens to try this if possible.one of the best exp. of my life.and yes i did continue to eat it everyday after words until i ran out the following weekend in which i shared with a friend(being in an AMT state all week by yourself was one of the craziest things i have done also),even after a week of eating when i  shared with a friend the trip was still as surprising as the first.i even had a time when i ate it 30 minutes before i was going to get off of work and ended up having to stay an extra hour and it started kicking in while i was driving a forklift to empty my trash,needless to say i excused myself from work and ran home and went straight for the toilet haha.granted this isnt the greatest tripping exp. of all time,im rather trying to tell of its effects so that others may want to try and understand the greatness of the tryptamine family,along with DMT these drugs are some of the strongest hallucinagens on the planet.so please watch your dose(there was a 10th of a gram in each capsule,powder form) and make sure you know your getting from a reliable source.i will look back and say i dont know what i could have got from this guy and yes i will not regret this exp. but you never know what people are up to these days so be safe and happy tripping.thanks for your time and good day.

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