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first mushrooms- hell yeah.

nature is amazing.

             Yesterday was the first time i had eaten magic mushrooms. i've been just smoking weed for a while and i decided i wanted to try something different. shrooms sounded great. i was really excited to try this out for a while. i was really intrigued hearing some people's stories of trips they had. the thoght of hallucinating something that wasn't actually there really interested me, and i really wanted to experience it. althouhg, i wanted to make sure i avoided a bad trip. reading the trip reports on this site really helped out with informing me beforehand. anywyay, i had tried to plan the whole thing out to make sure my set and setting would be substantial to ensure a pleasant trip and good experience. my best friend and i had smoked the night before and we woke up and ate some breakfast and got ready for our day. we hopped in my car and met up with my co worker and one of his friends.  my co worker had bought the quarter of shrooms from the buddy he was with the night before. the two of them had done shrooms before, but my buddy and i have never done it.  it was gonna be the four of us on our trip and we were gonna drive to the beach to enjoy it. we started driving and made sure we had water, orange juice, and plenty of weed. we decided to eat the mushrooms right there in the car while we were driving and we divided it evenly so everybody had half an eighth. they weren't the best tasting things i've eaten, but they weren't the worst either. i'm pretty sure we had some psilocybe cubensis, but i'm no mushroom expert. orange juice really covered up the taste and as long as you don't breathe through your nose when you eat them, it should be fine. but anyway, we ate them in the car and i rolled a joint for all of us right after. we smoked to the beach, and when we got there and got out of the car, everything looked great. i felt like there was so much space that i had never noticed before. and theocean looked amazing. i had never seen waves like that before. it was amazing. the four of us got out of the car and walked to the beach. the sand was warm, and it felt great. i was so overwhelmed. we walked out of visibility of the highway to the side under this cliff. we just sat there for a while. taking in the sight. it had never occured to me how amazing nature was before this. we were just looking around and smoking and i saw this rock in front of us about five or six feet. it had lines on it that made it look like a frog. i thought maybe it would move or something, but it never did. later on, after i had said something about the frog rock once again, my buddy got up and threw it into the ocean. we laughed about it for a while. everyhing was funnier. and brighter. and more significant. i felt great. my buddy and i decided we wanted to go on an adventure and we climbed over this six or seven foot tall rock structure that hung out into the ocean. we climbed over it and climbed some other rocks and found sea anenamies, and large amounts of mussels on rocks, and a bunch of shells. they were all very entertaining. it was great. after we decided we had gone far enough, we started heading back and almost got lost. but we found or way. my co worker and his friend were still in the same place, and we met up with them. we all decided it was time to go home, so we did. all in all it was a great day. an amazing day. i felt so accomplished and just so happpy. happy that i live in such a beautiful place. it was wonderful. i didn't have any real hallucinations though. i didn't see anything really outstanding. there were a few things that just looked really strange or faintly like they were changing. but everything was pretty much normal. just enhanced. which was still great. you don't get that with weed. i guess half an eighth doesn't cut it for me. not really a "trip," just a really good high. i'm definitely gonna up the dosage next time. mushrooms are great. happy tripping!

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