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First Time (WAY TO FAR)

To many things at once

ok well after this u might think im completly retarded. I wont blame you. I do a lot of difrent drugs but untill yesturday i have never done mushrooms or X. Some of my friends came over and we all went threw 3 bowls of my bong after tht we were bored and evreyone but my friend jordan left she wanted to try some thing else so I was like wht the hell and we went and tryed extacy for the first time we sat for about 30min after we took it and didnt feel a thing so we went out and decided we would by some shrooms which we also have never tryed both of us had an eightth we waited about an hour and still felt nothing. Thinkeing we were just riped off twice we decided to go for a walk.......

5 min later both of em hit us at the same time im guessing it took longer cause both of us had big meals right before. As we were walking all the lights were beamed out as if u were crying and loking at them they were many diff colers like blue green and pink then things ot a little more interesting when we started looking at things they would change into something else she said she saw a neon sign int he middle of the road . I was seeing things like the mcdonalds arches comming at me when it was really just a car (i wrk at mcdonalds) we kept seeing like tht and as we went on lights got more and more interesting. We decided to go to wall mart i know it was probably stupid driving but i dont think we knew wht was going on. as we walked in the greeter i swear to god had  heads....

Not to long after tht the my arm and hand went numb i was told tht the ex was making me dehidryated but as i looked at my hanf i looked like something was trying to pop out it scared the shit out of me ......

when we got home both of just sat and stared at the famous painting of those dogs playing poker we must of sat for 3 hours staring and whatching it do diffrent things

Unfortunatly about 8 hours later evreything strted to wear off and i began to feel wht exactly all those drugs were doing to my system   (my insides feelt like there tearing apart) even tho i cant stand tht pain i would still say it was the best night of my life however i think next time i wont be mixing it with other stuff :P

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