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right between lvl 3-4

good lord. Fresh mushies off the patch!!!

Ok, so recently I have harvested my third monotub. The strain was Orisa India and it was grown on hpoo/coir/coffee and left uncased. I had three of my buddies come over including my little brother. We were planning on taking off and getting a good trip going, but that’s where our plans stopped and the power of the mushies decided to take us on our own little trip.

Before we got started I had everyone drink about 24 oz of good OJ. After we had all settled down and got out mind right with a little help from our friend Mary Jane it was time. The first mistake we made was eating them straight off the patch and never eating them in small amounts to see how strong they would be. Now the only reason this is posted under level three is that’s where I ended up, my brother lost himself in a level five and my other buds were gone at a four flirting with 5.

Here were the doses and a little write up on the boomers.

My brother: he got the lions share, Threw down on a fresh 120 gram monster. This thing turned so blue from just touching it was crazy.

Buddy #1: he got two 55 gram twins that grew up on the same cluster as the monster. So 110g total

Buddy #2: I kept the rest of the monsters and he ate a HUGE cluster that came in at 135 grams, was about 8 little mushies that exploded in a nice little corner cluster.

And finally myself: Right in the middle of the patch I had a picture perfect cluster pop up, three mushies at 105 grams wet.

Now as you can see there was a good amount taken and not knowing how strong these were after 20 mins the others were saying they only felt a little stoned, huge mistake!! They each ate another 15-20 grams wet and right after they hit the belly everyone started getting lifted. These things were perfect creeper shrooms. Took about 40 mins to reach the nice warm buzzed feeling, and just kept going.

I got to the point where the walls were shifting and blending into eachother, the TV no longer was on the stand but was in the walls, I could still see the picture and I felt like I was part of the story line. Everytime I closed my eyes I would take a snapshot of everything I saw and it would melt like candle wax. Very nice and lovely trip.

Each of my friends was off in their own little world and the next day they told me they had about the same sort of visuals. But along with the melting they each felt like they were in charge of everything, they could move the cosmos by nothing but a thought, and buddy #1 said he could actually see the strings of life that each one of us had and could move and alter them as he saw fit.

And for the best one, my poor little brother. In our world he laid under my Christmas tree for two hours and just made little animal noises, and would respond to conversation with the same word, no. No matter what was asked or situations poised he could only answer with the word no, but it was slow and sharp like nooooo. The next day he swore that he was not only speaking to god, but to every god that had ever existed. He felt at one with every deity that was ever held in regard and he felt as though he was an equal, as was every human on the planet. That no man was god and no god was man. Everyone was and is the same. He said this was discovered from staring at the bottom Christmas lights and losing himself in the branches of the tree.

Once we all crashed for the night and woke up the next afternoon we spoke about what we saw and how intense it was. Needless to say fresh mushies are very very potent. We completely underestimated them and once I did the math and saw how much dried we ate it blew my mind that we were alive. They each took a dried quarter home with them and dried these thing would get 3 people into a lvl 3 off a quarter. Even when dried they are thick and meaty. This was a great trip for me and I know we will be doing it again, but max of once a month. These things were vicious!!

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