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Eat them fresh?

I have a mate that works at a local pub.

I have a mate that works at a local pub. One of his barman mates knew where to go and pick "magic mushrooms". I'd only heard fairy tales about them before and just assumed they where something like LSD (which I've never done), if they even worked at all.

Anyway, we all piled into his old bomb of a car and set off into what we call "cow country" - where all the cow paddocks and farms are. The barman guy tried to hide his hunk-of-shit car behind a bush but you could still see it from the road really easily.

Anyway, we all hopped over the fence and started looking for mushrooms. One slow step after another, heads constantly turned to the gound, investigating every pile of crap we came across. I was beginning to think there was nothing there when my mate starts yelling out "Oi! there's some over here! This is what they look like!". The bartender guy and myself run over to see what he's got. He's found a pile of fairly big, orange capped mushrooms with white stems. The bartender (I forget his name, but he's the experienced guy) confirms that we have Psilocybe cubensis. We break the stems to make sure they go blue. They do.

I remember thinking how they must be pretty full-on stuff if they go blue. The bartender tells me how you have to eat your own body weight in mushrooms in order to overdose. Funny, but for some reason I had just assumed you couldn't overdose on mushrooms ("mushies" where I come from. "Shrooms" seems to be an Americanism). This was advice, however that I did not really need. I thought "fuck it, if you can't overdose I'll just eat whatever I find".

After an hours or so searching we all meet up at the car. My mate and the bartender have big bags full, I had the few remaining scraggly ones that I'd decided not to eat as soon as I found them. All together I must have eaten about seven or eight good sized ones before I started actually feeling full. I can't understand why people don't like them. They tasted like fresh mushrooms to me - actually quite nice.

Anyway my mates had told me about "set" and "setting" and all that, but I felt quite okay eating them straight away (all though I knew my girl would absolutley FREAK if she found out - that's the only thing I was worried about).

My friends decided to stop by another field on our way home to look for me. This is when it hit me. I was doubting that it was going to work at all, when all of a sudden I started feeling kind of weird. Hard to explain, just an odd feeling all over. I was in the back seat of the car and insisted on staying and listening to the radio while my mates went for another mushroom picking expedition.

All of a sudden the guy talking on the radio started sounding really strange. Kind of like that Cher song, "beleive". I couldn't tell if it was me tripping (I'd never done it before) or was actually on the radio. It was strange because I still felt pretty straight. Not stoned or drunk or anything. But then, out of nowhere the roof of the car starts moving. Like wave patterns going from the back of to the front. Suddenly I'm thinking, "this shit is real, I shouldn't have taken it so lightly" and freaked a little bit. My mates came back with even more mushies, they could see I was tripped out ("Holy crap man! Look at his pupils!"). I told them I was a little anxious and they where really cool about it. They stopped the car and told me everything I wanted to hear. I.e. "They can't hurt you"..."nobody has ever died"..."just relax and go with it" and from then on it got really good.

Next thing I knew I was back at bartenders house, sitting on his couch. It was like coming out of a dream. I could remember everything, the whole car ride home and everything, but it was suddently like I'd snapped out of trance. I thought the mushies had worn off. Wrong. I started staring at the wall, trying to will a hallucination (the only one so far was the car roof, other then that I just thought about really profound stuff). All of a sudden I noticed a really thin, intricate pattern on the walls. The lines where so thin I couldn't actually concentrate on one line, but if I could still see the whole pattern. Hard to describe. All of a sudden the pattern was everywhere. Even on my freinds faces. I was thinking how cool it was. I kept telling myself how safe I was and I ended up somehow convincing myself that you're only safe while tripping. It was really weird. I felt so comfortable and free of fear.

Next thing, the carpet was swirling. The patterns where everywhere and the carpet was moving like a river. I was thinking "this is so full on" so I lay back on the couch. Then it was like there was no roof on the house. I knew there was a roof and I knew I was on a trip, but I could see the stars as if there was no roof at all. It was totally bizare but I just lay back and enjoyed it.

I was stareing at the stars when everything went really weird. I found that if I really concentrated I could see the roof and it wasn't really transparent, but concentrating made my mind race like crazy so I didn't like it. I had this thought, "think of nothing", because if I thought of something I'd immediatley go off on a tangent at a million kilometres an hour.

My mate and bartender guy kept coming over and looking down at me to see if I was okay. I was so fine. I felt great but I couldn't talk to them and I think they where tripping and getting worried about me. Sometimes when they came over it looked like they had no heads - no gross blood and stuff, I just couldn't see their heads - it was pretty funny. Other times I could see their heads and their hair was flying about everywhere like there was a really strong fan on them. The funny thin-lined pattern was still everywhere I looked.

Eventually the trip started to come down. I started feeling delirous at the end and - although I could remember everything else - I was told I did some strange shit that I can't remember.

I though because having a spank on pot feels so great I should go and have a spank. I went to the dunny and was looking though some pornos. All the writting looked funny and warped and I decided tonight was not the night for spanking the monkey.

I went to bed and slept until about 3pm the next day. Pretty intense but worth it. Next time I want to go Level 5. :)

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