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Dudes im stuck in the floor...again

they didn't taste as bad as everyone said.

       it was about 4:50pm and me and my friend lets call him Matt where chilling at a local park under a big old gazebo. Me and Matt had skipped the whole day of school together and had travelled all over poco so we were feel pretty brotherly towards one another so we went and picked up a big stinky bag of blueberry kush and 8g of shrooms and where perpared to become the best friends ever. I had only done shrooms once before and that was just 1.2g at school to make sure they work before i donated a whole evening to them. So we take 4g each and just chill for abit. some guys from school show up and we smoke afew bowls talking about shrooms. 15mins later it was just me and matt again and heres where shit gets lame then wierd.

      we waited in a old parking lot for the mushrooms to kick in. Almost 30min went by and not much had happened but Matt complaining about this guy named Devon being a dick to him, i was only half listening the other half of me was trying to figure out if i was tripping yet. i felt stoned but i think thats was from all the pot i just smoked. so i called up a few of my friends and explained my situation to them, that i was about to start tripping balls ,its pouring rain and minus fucking 1 degrees. they told us to go to devons and we could chill there for a bit. i was pretty happy about that i didn't want to trip in the rain so we embarked on the 20 minute walk to devon house. Matt was complaning that the shrooms didn't work when we arrived at devon house we were quickly let in and all 6 people in the house asked us at once "what do you see?" we both together reply "nothing... can i smoke in the garage"  so me and matt smoked a bowl in the garage and then light a cig i dont normaly smoke but i realy wanted one for some reason. now i was feeling it and i could tell matt was too (he was stareing at the TV like it was hardcore porn, it was family guy) i was busy petting a cat i found it had a cone on its head i couldn't stop laughing at it or petting it at that matter. so my trip begins.

      i lost track of matt for awhile but i began to notice i was sinking in devons floor this was wierd but not peticularly alarming. i relised that i didn't wan't to be in the floor so using devons cat ( that was very strechy for some reason) at a rope i pulled my self out of the floor and began watching thing in the room. Ali another friend drunk as fuck informed me that if i thought about the chick from the grudge i would have a bad trip. Almost instantly  some black thing jumped on my face and only with shear will power was i able to get it off it happend a few time until i started punching it then it didn't come back. i informed everyone that i beat the shit out of the grudge. no one understood the importance of this (nether do i now that i think about it).

    we hopped on a bus for some reason and ended up at a local pizza place. i orderd a pile of pizza and a drink for no other reason then i wanted to look at it. the pizza started looking real big and when i started eating it i found that if  i got too close i wold get sucked in to it. so i stood on the other side of the room eating a piece of pizza. Matt was busy trying to build somthing out of his pizza and yelling at me that i made him crazy i thought this was very serious and tried to expain to him that  he's not crazy. so he spend about an hour trying to fight the shrooms ( good luck bud). we went to a liquere storeand chilled ouside it talking about life. not much happened for an hour exept that matt with a happy look and wild eyes explaind to me very loudly that he gave up the shroom win and he doesn't mind being crazy. we high fived and continued on quest to find someone that i cant remember there name.

     we were feeling moreand more fucked all the time matt kept saying his hand was morphing and the trees kept waving at me i waved back polility then explained to the tree that they didn't exist they seemed cool with that. so we hopped on a bus. the 10 mins we waited for the bus felt like hours i thought i would be there for ever but i was cool with that. when it finaly did come i reached in my pockets to find my buss pass only to find that my pockets where sevrel feet deep. i explained that to the buss driver he laughed and told me to sit down befor i hurt myself. i said thanks then relised that this wasn't a bus it was a space ship all the light outside where stars. i explained this to one of my friends he laughed called me a high fuck then gave me some sweet tarts. they where good but kept beoming part of my mouth and that was kind wierd but not unpleasent.

    The next few hours pasted without me remembering much i remember me hitting peak it was just outside the school we allwent to when we were little. i feel into the ground so fast i only let out a yelp before i was just a head in the ground. i told my friends i was stuck in the ground again everyone laughed and i explained that i needed a cat to pull myself out devon said he's not walking home to get me  a cat. so i managed to pull myself out without a cat and was very proud of myself.

   this point on i was coming down and we went back to my friend mikes house to play some guitar and eat food. we destroyed abag of crunch bars. i was feeling tired and my head felt tired it was a wierd feeling. i selpt on his couch for a while. Matt was still high as fuck and he explained that only me and him understood what happened tonight and i felt the same way. we made plans to do shrooms again. i went home about 11:30 when i got home my parents were asleep which was good cause i looked in the mirror and my eyes were HUGE i ate some cereal and watched some tv in my room. i fell asleep still alittle high at about 12:30 and had some pritty fucked up dreams about me being a cigar and my brother stabing me while on crack it was pretty wierd.

   all in all it was a great night and me and Matt are better friends then ever. so i guess the PSA commercails about drugs ripping friends apart was bullshit. im already planning my next trip and man this ones going to be epic.


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