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My Very First Trip

The flesh of the gods.

So I have been growing some Golden Teachers recently and my friend and I decided to try them with a friend from highschool. He ended up not wanting to do them, as he had to go out to dinner with his parents later that night, and decided just sitting in on us. We ground up the 3.9g of Golden Teacher into a fine dust and split it into 3, 1.3g doses. Me and my friend each mixed our shroom dust with a small glass of lemon/orange juice, and let it sit for a good ten minutes. We proceeded to drink said hallucinogenic beverage and sat down and just started waiting. After just doing random stuff like, playing guitar hero, watching a few youtube videos, listening to some Tool, we decided it would be good to go out and smoke, as my friend who was sitting was a bit bored. So we headed outside to my truck, and on the way I looked out a window at the end of the dorm hallway, and the football field seemed akwardly large. Then we stepped outside, and the sun was shining, it was actually a very preticularly beautiful day out today, around 50-60 degrees, and in late November, here, in Michigan its usually -10 here with 3 feet of snow. The sun was so amazing. I could feel the energy on my body. Everything was glorious. Then we went out to my truck, smoked, and came back inside about half an hour later. My friend put in happy gilmore, and then went and played WoW. Me and my trip buddy, decided movies we're too difficult to understand and we wanted to listen to music, so we proceeded to listening to more Tool. Great music to trip too in my opinion. I stared at the ceiling, the couch, which had a weird plaid pattern on it that moved and was changing colors. My friend suggested looking in a mirror, and it seemed as though my pupils we're the size of dimes. I proceeded to pacing back and forth around the room while my friend drew. The only time in my trip I think I was truly scared, was when I heard an echoing voice in my head, and I thought it came from the movie we we're watching, but then I realized it was me talking. I forgot the sound of my own voice. I thought that was really weird and me and my friend laughed for a long time.                                                                   My head is still kind of foggy right now, and will be able to give a better analysis tomarrow, but as for now, there doesn't seem to be many words that can describe the mushroom experience. I just kept feeling in my head "I Love Everything". Everything was so beautiful and amazing. It was the best I've ever felt in my whole entire life. There's so much to explore.  

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