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My 6.5grams

2nd trip

I was completely blown away by my first mushy experience so I decided to trip again two weeks later, trying just a little bit more then the first time (I had 2.5g's for a first trip). So me and a couple friends again set out on a quest to obtain some mushrooms. It wasn't long before we were sitting in my friends house with roughly a half to split between 4 people. We smoked a bowl then proceeded to eat about 2 grams each. After that we went to a park and messed around till it started to get really foggy and we started to get a little freaked out, thinking back on it it was probably the shrooms kicking in. By the time we got back to his house we were all starting to trip and having a pretty decent time. We went upstairs to his room and turned on the TV and kicked back for a little, and i started to eat more shrooms. I was just kinda munching on them out of a bag while watching the TV and suddenly I looked down and realized I'd eaten about 4.5 grams, this really freaked me out, It being my second trip and all. Not only that but at that point i was sitting at a trip level that i had set out to achieve that night, I didn't really want anything stronger. I started to get incredibly depressed for 45 seconds then swing into complete bliss for 45 seconds and repeated this cycle for about 30 minutes which started to annoy the hell out of me. By this time I was starting to melt into objects, I started becoming one with everything that was touching me and i got really scared, fearing that i would stay as my blankets forever. This made me get up and attempt to journey downstairs and get to the faucet. I begged my friend to come down with me because i was completely terrified of this 15ft long hallway that was pitch black, and the thought of Donald duck trying to trip me when i couldn't see him. But they were scared as well so i ended up running down the hallway hoping not to get tripped by Donald duck. I was walking down the stairs when I got off balance slightly and fell sideways into the side of the stairs where i proceeded to melt into the stairs and i became one with everything that ever was or has been in the universe, vast amounts of knowledge poured into my head but it was so overwhelming and i couldn't process any of it. My friend broke my out of the stairway by tapping me on the shoulder and sucking me back into reality. I then attempted to walk over the tiling on the ground but this task proved much to challenging in the state i was in. Every time I stepped on a tile in would levitate in the air and switch places with another tile  while my leg stayed on the tile so i repeatedly fell on my ass because they would pick up my leg and knock me off balance. When i finally reached the water cooler I could not get the water in my cup for the life of me, i would put my cup under the stream of water and it would bend away and out of my cup so I'd move the cup to where it bent to and it would bend again! This was incredibly frustrating and I managed to make an enormous puddle of water on the floor. When i finally got back upstairs my friends were watching the news and it was absolutely fascinating, there was this massively obese lady on it and it seemed as if she was sweating orange juice which dripped down her face. The funniest moment in my life happened next, the news was still on and the fat lady suddenly turned toward the camera and said "I bet you've never seen a razzelberry like this before!" and the TV flipped to a slow motion close-up movie of someone making the, I don't really know how to describe it, but its when a person holds there lips together loosely and blows out air between them and it makes that funny sound. We all just sat there completely baffled, and finally someone managed to ask if that really just happened and everyone had seen it, then of coarse we burst into laughter for about 10 minutes. I came down sharply after this though I wasn't able to fall asleep till about 4 hours after my friends had which was incredibly scary (I was thinking i'd gone mad). But finally sleep overtook me and I slept like a rock until 2 the next day. In my opinion, though it was an absolutely fascinating and mind blowing trip, I should have eaten less, had things gone wrong I wouldn't have been able to help myself through it.


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