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My first trip

Finally got some shrooms

Age: 18
Weight: 150

Prior to this experience I had been drunk handful of times and had been smoking weed every day for months but had never used any other drugs.


After months of looking without luck I finally got a call from my buddy who got ahold of a quarter and I arranged to meet him that night. It was about a 15 minute drive to get to my friends house so my good friend W drove me and my plan was to eat them while we drove back. We bought them and walk back to the car and weigh it and... 2.8g, oh well. I decide to go with 1.8g which winded up being about 20 little gold caps, the biggest ones cap being smaller than a dime around and stem being about an inch.

As we drove back I ate them and I really didn't mind the taste, then I washed them down with OJ. When we got back into town we got from a call from another one of my friends V who said he was having a fire in his backyard. We get to V's house and head out back where he has a porch with benches and a fire pit. It was cool and clear outside and the sky was full of stars. After about 45 minutes of just chilling I began to feel the shrooms kick in. Slowly my mind was beginning to get really fucked up. I would begin to think really hard and fast about one thing and then suddendly I would just stop and start thinking about something completely new. Then I would forget that and start thinking about something else. Then I would remember the first thing I was thinking and start thinking about that again. I kept saying "I'm lost in my mind" because I felt like my mind was a maze.

When I looked at the fire it was morphing around and looking at the sky was amazing, I got this feeling of being one with the Earth. I also had severe time distortion, I kept asking what time it was like every 2 minutes thinking that 20 or 30 had past. After about 2 hours W wanted to go home so we left V's, and when I first stood up it was hard as hell to walk. After struggling to get the car W brought me to my house and walked in and went to the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror my face was morphing around, certain parts shrinking then growing. I stared in the mirror for about 20 minutes thinking something like, "That's me. I'm ****. **** is me." I wouldn't say I lost my ego completely but I had a disconnect, I felt like I wasn't who was in the mirror.

After finally breaking away from the mirror I went upstairs and layed down and listenened to my ipod until I fell asleep...


It has been just over a year since this trip and I used mushrooms 7 more times with varying doses 1g - 3.5g and haven't tripped this hard again.

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