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New sense for energy

I think this is in the 3-4 range, but I'm not sure which.

I think this is in the 3-4 range, but I'm not sure which... This weekend I tripped for the first time, and it will NOT BE MY LAST! It was me and three girlfriends and we met up in my room and smoked a couple bowls and then grounded up the mushrooms and mixed it into a juice potion with snapple. We each took about an eighth, maybe a bit more. Within what must have been like 10 or 15 minutes we were getting really giggly and then I noticed the suns on this tapestry I have dancing around.

I think focusing on those suns was really good because it got me focused on light and energy. I started to have some visuals right away but as it was my first time trippin I was a little scared to look at them real hard at first, so instead I felt myself turning inward for my trip, into myself.

This is when everything got amazing. Pretty soon I felt this amazing energy and light around and above the circle we were sitting in. Then it became like a halo above us and everything was so amazingly warm and energetic, really like a mellower version of an orgasm. We were talking a lot about it and all experiencing the exact same thing.

Then each of my friends faces and hair were physically throbbing with this energy and glow and I felt that I actually developed a new sense to detect energy flows between me and my friends and the paths the energy was travelling. It was a new sense so it's hard to describe but I still remember what it felt like, but it was euphoric. Each of the four of us felt the exact same way with that energy and light and we were talking so much and interacting so much that we all had the same trip, we decided. We never knew if we had been talking or communicating in some other way. We all totally lost touch with time.

We went around my apartment to look at stuff but there was still this glowing coming from the bedroom and we were so drawn to it. When I went back in, I had a feeling that I had risen above the world and was above the world in a euphoric state, and the only thing I wanted was for everyone to be so happy and comfortable and warm so I kept asking everyone if I could make them any better, but everyone felt so joyful they just wanted to share it with the others.

We were talking about all feminine, earthy things and there was so much feminine energy flowing, which I could fully understand with the new sense for energy that I had developed. This whole time we were laughing so hard that tears were coming out of my eyes and whole body uncontrollably with fiercely positive energy. It was so exhilarating and I was thinking how I never wanted it to end, that I would turn into part of the greater force and stop being really a human if I could only keep the trip going forever.

Later I had some great visuals all relating to light and glitter and energy flows, and my eyes, but most of the trip I can only describe as spiritual, focused on oneness and flows. It was an unbelievable first trip because it was all spiritual instead of physical. I think as long as you decide to fully embrace the trip and dive into it internally, it will be so rewarding, since you can channel it in different ways. It was like I looked into my subconscious and realized that everything in it could be deduced to pure energy, which is so beautiful, and it made me so happy to be alive and to contain some of that energy, a feeling that I think will continue for me.

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