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1st trip, first report

Home Shroomin

This being my first trip report i thought it fitting to make it on my first mushroom experience. My friends and i had been contemplating shrooms for a while but we were always a little to nervous to ever try to get any, having only smoked for roughly a month, we were pretty inexperienced in that sort of stuff. Finally the day came when we decided to pick some up from our local friend, he gave us 10 grams of dried which we then proceeded to split between 4 people.

We then went to my other friends house where we decided to wait till 9pm to eat any, because his parents wouldn't be home and they don't particularly encourage that kinda of thing. At 9 we all ate our 2.5g and drank some OJ having heard that it increased the effects. What followed, although it was not nearly the hardest i'd ever tripped, was pretty high up there in terms of intensity, because i had no idea what to expect. I didn't have a calm build up to the effects, it was more like someone slapped me in the face with it. One minute I'm sitting down happily enjoying some TV show and the next I'm crying rainbow-glass tears and the only words I can say are "what the fuck?" 

This is where the night starts to smear together and i can't really recall in which order the events happened. I honestly thought i was going insane, though i wasn't concerned. Everything i knew and loved had been sucked into this spiraling vortex of pure insanity, until i was sitting on a ledge above myself watching myself rock back and fourth inside a clown house with a sadistic clown laughing manically in the background. I slowly but surely melted back into my own body and started watching the TV again, though it felt like eons that I was watching That 70's Show, I don't think it was more then 45 seconds. After i got over the initial shock value of finding out that Kelso was actually a girl, I started to feel like the TV couldn't offer me anymore so i started to look at my hands. At the moment, i had a epiphany that i was god because in my left hand i held a lush country landscape of rolling grassy hills (a green blanket), and in my right i held all of the worlds, oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers (a blue blanket).

After my epiphany, there is a very large memory gap, roughly 3 hours where i can't remember anything. I "woke up" from this gap only having slight facial distortions and minor breathing effects. All and all i considered it a pretty good first trip, maybe a bit stronger then i wanted, but good.

A worthwhile note, I wasn't sure whether to put this under level 3 or 4, but it felt more like a 3 to me :)


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