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It started out as a bad day

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It started out as a bad day, my teachers were bitching at me and I was failing classes, the bus driver wouldn’t let me on the bus so I had to walk home , and I was sick. Things couldn’t really be much worse. So on my way home, I remembered that my friend josh had gotten some mushrooms that day. I had nothing better to do so I said why not. I had done mushrooms before, about 20- 30 times, but have never experienced more than a level 3 trip. We ate the whole bag and went to a little spot we made in the woods with chairs, just to relax and enjoy our trip. I began to experience the familiar feeling of the mushrooms taking effect, and slowly wrapping around my mind. I soon couldn’t stand being with them, I guess their thought process didn’t commute with mine very well, so I ran off on my own to trip elsewhere in the woods. I went to this clearing and sat down. I began feeling as if I was weightless, as if my soul energy had detached itself from my physical limitations, and I was free to explore my mind and thoughts in a way totally new to me. I had the ability to comprehend life and its many purposes, to break down and understand the world and its mysteries in a way beyond explanation. It was like seeing life through the eyes of a great philosopher, able to see things for what they really are, rather than what we have been programmed to comprehend since birth. Complex processes normally a mystery to me became easy to grasp, break down, and comprehend, with one new understanding leading to the discovery of more and more concepts in the blink of an eye, all of which granting me a better understanding of life. My thought process, now functioning in an entirely new way, led me to think about how ever since we were young we have been basically programmed into society, told what to do, learn, say, and even think. This process that society has developed has gradually wrapped our thoughts and actions around greed and hatred, breaking us apart from our true purpose of life. As humans, we naturally try and find something or someone else to blame for our own problems and self-destructive nature. Evil is not a force on its own, but can be traced back to our own selfishness and greed. There is no death, but only different states of consciousness. Life is a constant cycle of spiritual energy of many levels, all of which are recycled through a complex process interlinked not with time and space, but with a spiritual level of unknown dimension that is far beyond our comprehension’s grasp. When we die, we do not die, but are released from our physical limitations of body and mind, and are ridded of all our earthly concepts and thoughts, cleansed of our guilt and hatred, this is when we reach the purest form of spirit ,beyond these dimensional shackles of time and space. The cycle restarts when the time comes for another souls energy to trade places with another, one entering the spiritual dimension, the other entering a human body. Infinite cycles similar to this exist in inter-dimensional strands stretching throughout all of existence, interlinked with different forms of life. These strands all lead to a starting point; the creator, God, the beginning of all life and its cycles, energy and existence, all originating from this highest point of energy of unfathomable proportions beyond our comprehension. Our existence on this earth is not meant for our own temporary selfish gain, but rather for a more significant purpose; to provide energy with matter, matter with energy, the combination fueling the cycles across dimensions, and maintaining the balance between them. I soon found myself back in my body, but with an infinite amount of knowledge and wisdom I had not contained moments before. With my newfound knowledge, my new task is not to live life for my own temporary gain, but to provide understanding to those who have managed to lose their true purpose in life beneath the meaningless opportunities found here on this earth. Rather than contaminate open minds with societies faults and ill-driven morels, I strive to educate individuals as to their true meaning on this earth, why life has been given to them, and how to live it the way they were meant to. Now having read this, its your job to do the same. -Andrew

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