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2c-t-7 and many others

5-me0-DMT, Weed, Ibepofun

I titled it like this so you would click and just wonder what kind of idiot I am, when you think "this kid put ibuprofen as a substance" letting you know a secret.. I know.

2c-t-7 changed my whole outlook on life.. in one since dissolvable capsule. when it started coming up, i felt a bit..nasues so i just let myself get into it freely. the peak was great.. it had a real intense feeling. and closed eye visuals were amazing, anyway i started watching this show called "dexter" and my friend will introduced it to me.. this show changes your thoughts and just makes you get into it..well, i mean if your creepy like me and will are.. it will excite you a bit. he voice when he narrates is now in my head, when he thinks i think. and i think weird and disturbing thoughts..but, i like them. and i keep them to myself..i hope this feeling.. never de-solves just like the capsule. i just can't wait for that second time. he will be with me for a good while.

goodnight. and trip tight.

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