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LSA. The first report.

First psychadelic I've used.

     500 Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds arrived promptly at 11:45 on my front step. Only 16.49 plus tax and shipping. A good deal for sure. I took them inside, opened each packet and dumped them into the coffee grinder. A fine dust of plant material went into a mason jar,followed by 1/4 a cup of warm, but not boiling, water. After watching the first half of the Price is Right, I decided it was time. I filtered the water and used the filtrate as the base for some rather disgusting Kool-Aid.
      Cold water filtration does not remove all the stomach upsetting chemicals, but I was willing to endure some nausea. Right when the second Showcase Show Down started, my stomach went to aching. It was a feeling of perpetual pre-vomit. Luckily, nothing happened.
      Another hour gone and still nothing. Apparently, LSA has a long trip curve. Still, I was really hoping to hit peak before my parents got home.
      15 minuets after thinking this, it started. It was more or less a slow realization that I was completely content. It really did not matter if Mum and Dad got home. I'd be tripping balls by then anyway. It also hit me that watching TV is just making the countries problems worse. I quickly turned off ESPN and went to play some vinyls. I got to the stairs and realized that someone was at the back door. I swiftly walked over and let my Mother in. A flurry of action and fuss pursued. "Have you taken the garbage out? Can you go get me the roast from the freezer? I have a little bit of computer work for you." (I do her accounting for her business) It took me a second to realize that my sister, and her baby boy, had accompanied my mother inside. I was struck with a hundred thoughts about my new little nephew. My mind played out whole days worth of what I thought the child must see and experience. It was a little overwhelming; I wanted to sit there all day and study this new little bundle of joy. My sister quickly shook me from this thought pattern with one question: "Why are your eyes so dilated?" Shit. "I've been feeling sick today. I think I might have undercooked my breakfast." Yes, super smooth; I was definitely out of the frying pan now.
      After some small talk, my mom reminded me of the work I had to do. I seized the chance to retreat and quickly made a break for the computer room. I sat down ready to get everything done when I realized that I could not focus my eyes. It was the oddest sensation. I kept trying to get the screen to unblur, but every time I tried it just got harder to see. Finally I had to look away. I collected myself and quickly dispatched the work. I threw the finished invoices in the kitchen ad started upstairs. However, my nephew began to cry, and I simply couldn't resist. I strode over and picked him up out of his carrier. It was amazing. The full extent of his cuteness hit me like a ton of bricks. I new right then that I wanted nothing more than to sit there all day and hold the little bugger. Of course, it was not meant to be. He began crying for his milk, and I had to give him up to my sister. Genuinely felt depressed afterwards. I went upstairs full of sad thoughts. I was in a mind loop of "I really wanted to play with him. Man, I really wanted to play with him." However, I knew that I needed to break out of this so as to not kill my trip. Thankfully, fate was on my side.
     As soon as I stepped inside my room, I knew something had changed. It was like a light bulb coming on. The colors of my room hopped out at me. My room is a little weirdly shaped. It's half a rectangle, and half a half-decagon. However, what I saw was one smooth curve. It took me awhile to grasp that the half-decagon was really there, and that's when I realized the hilarity of it. I mean, who builds such an odd room. I lost control. I simply could not stop laughing at the oddness. I finally got up and tuned my PC on. It felt like it took a year for it to common. I spent the months looking at the twister mat I have pinned to my wall right behind my PC. I could have sworn at the time that the colors where trying to reach out to each other. Sadly, this would not last. I turned on the Dust Brothers Fight Club CD and realized that the music was beautiful. I looked back up at the Twister mat and realized the illusion had gone away. I really didn't want to sit at my computer all day and websurf, so I picked up "Readers Digest:Laughter, the Best Medicine. A Compilation" and set about reading it. I spent the next 2 and a half hours appreciating the music and reading the book. I never had any more visual distortion or otherwise. I really only had my heightened appreciation of music. However, at about 6:45 that night, I got up for dinner, and noticed my legs felt like I had gone hiking. This concerned me; nothing I had read had ever mentioned leg fatigue. I don't know what it was, but it was gone the next day.
     The experience was definitely fun. I had a blast and the music I listened to was amazing. I was completely content. I would recommend using LSA to anyone. However, I believe that I did not get the whole experience. I (hopefully) have some Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds on the way, and I will gladly report how that goes down.

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