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Riot On Shrooms!

This is my first report, and it's long as hell but a lot of shit happened that night, one of the craziest nights of my life!

This is my first report, and it's long as hell but a lot of shit happened that night, one of the craziest nights of my life!

Well a few of my friends from home came up with me to my apartment at college, and we brought a bunch of shroomies along for the weekend. There were 5 of us that were gonna trip( we'll call them J,P,N, and D) and we wanted to trip pretty hard( at least I did) and this was my 3rd time shrooming, but these were dank shrooms, so we each only took half an eighth. I just ate mine straight and downed it with some OJ, they weren't too bad...

Well anyways, while we waited for the trip to kick in we just kind of hung around my apartment playing video games and ping pong and what not. I was hoping there wouldn't be too many drunk people around, because from my previous experiences shroomers and drunks just dont seem to mix to well( I just usually get annoyed with the drunks pretty quickly). Little did I know that within a couple hours I would be surrounded by a couple thousand drunk people.....
anyways I had wanted to smoke weed to get the trip started faster and stronger, but I had just quit so I decided against it. So we chilled for a while and after about 30 mins to an hour the trip started to kick in. I noticed it because I was playing ping pong and it was getting harder and harder and I was getting really lazy. I eventually sat down and started to enjoy the trip thoroughly. A few of my friends from around my apartment came in and out and we chit chatted a little bit about what was going on... there was going to be a block party on a street right near where I lived, and my friends and I were debating whether we wanted to go all fucked up or if we should just chill out and trip out in the apartment

So after about an hour and a half, one of my friends came in while we were tripping pretty hard. We had Xmas lights on around the room and Dave matthews band playing softly in the backround, so my friend came in and and probably got pretty weirded out by 5 guys sitting around in this room not really doing anything. So he came in and I was talking with him about what we were doing and shit and thats when I really noticed shit getting fucked up. I was carrying on the conversation but i would look at this coffee table in front of me and shit just started like looking glossy and kind of melting around and just not looking right. I looked around the room and it felt like the whole room was breathing and moving slowly. I looked over at D and J on the couch across from me and they were trying to control their laughter but really couldn't, and I knew we were all starting to trip really hard and it was really awesome..

So eventually at about 1130 12 ish we all decide to go for a walk. First we walk over to my other friends apartment and try to wake him up cause hes a big wussy and already asleep but couldnt do it. As we walked through his apartment hallway it felt like it was on a slant or something and it was all crazy feeling. So we decide to walk around some more, but we can't decide what to do... whether to go for a nature walk or to look for parties. I kind of started to wig out becuase i didnt know where to go becuase everybody wanted me to go with them since i was the most familiar with the territory..

Well I decided to walk one way, towards where this block party was going to be and everybody just sort of followed me. We were walking for about 2 minutes, when all of the sudden we notice all these people walking towards the street of this block party. We were like What the fuck is goin on so we go over to this street and theres people scattered all over the place in this street. Eventually they start a fire in the middle of the street and we realize that some crazy shit was about to go down! J, P ,and D were kind of freaked out by this and didnt know what to do, so i gave them my keys and led them back to my apartment.

Me and N went back... I was pretty nervous cause I was on shrooms and I didnt really know what was going to happen, but N kept saying that this would probably be the only time in our lives that we would be able to experience something liek this so that was enough to get me to go back there. By the time we got back, there was a shitload of people there, and more on their way since a lot of people there were telling more people to come on their cellphones. We walked around the fire and watched people do all sorts of stupid shit. I looked for people I knew so i could talk to them and what not... I wigged out a little bit because I didnt know what to make of everythhing and it was an insane environment to be in while tripping. Im pretty sure me and N were the only people there trippping everybody else was just trashed. As we walked around the fire we were wondering why the police hadnt come out and try to stop this yet, but i guess they were just sitting around waiting for backup to arrive. We watched them set up roadblocks in the main roads and shit, it was really intense.

A few times during the riot I left N out there to go back to my apartment to get my other trippin friends. i was telling them that it was the most insane experience ever and trying to convince them to go out there with me, but they couldn't decide what they wanted to do and seemed to be wigging out too much. So i returned and find N and watch the show progress. We watched couches, street signs, branches, and all sorts of other crazy shit get thrown into the fire. I kept things under pretty good control considering the circumstances, and I think being outside and walking around kind of reduced the trip. It was a blast though, but when I saw a glass bottle get thrown and break right in front of me i decided i didnt want to take the risk of getting wailed in the face by a bottle or something so i made my way back to my apartment. I was so worn out from running around and shit so i didnt really mind.

eventually J and P went down there and they saw a car get thrown into the fire. about 3 hours after the riot started , the popo finally got on some riot gear and got everybody to disperse. they marched all through the streets and right past my apartment. the rest of the night i spent chilling out and playing video games at my place.

That's about all that I can recall from the night, more shit happened but i don't really remember it. the couple of hours at the party/riot was probably the most intense time of my life, but it was really awesome. The next day we got a keg and took a lil more shrooms and had a blast, so it was a really crazy ass weekend but probably the most fun time of my life. The riot was just an interesting turn of events that night. Next time i shroom i would like to trip out more and just kinda chill out and do a nature walk or something...

Anyways thanks for reading and happy tripping!

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